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2013 Midwest Z Heritage, June 14-15, Nashville, INDIANA


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2013 Midwest Z Heritage

Save the Dates: June 14 & 15, 2013

Nashville, INDIANA

The Indy Z Car Club will be hosting this event in 2013 and we are returning to Brown County, Indiana. This year’s hosting hotel will be the Season’s Lodge in Nashville, Indiana. So start planning now to get away to rustic Southern Indiana and drive some twisty back roads, shop in the art colony of Nashville, hike in Brown County State Park, visit the architectural gems of Columbus, IN, and explore the nearby wineries. This event rotates between Cleveland Z Car, Windy City Z Car, ZROC of Columbus, OH and Indy Z Car Club.

In an expanded format, we invite classic Datsun Roadsters, Nissan GTR’s and Infiniti G’s to join us to make this an inclusive Nissan celebration sponsored by Dreyer and Reinbold Infiniti.

Event registration is open! Hotel registration is open! Visit http://www.midwestzheritage.com for complete information.

Just remember to save the dates of June 14 & 15, 2013 on your calendars and start planning now to attend the 2013 Midwest Z Heritage Car Show in beautiful Nashville, Indiana.

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The Midwest Z/G Heritage Show now has a FACEBOOK page thanks to IMIN and the Ohio G Club, https://www.facebook.com/groups/107286119391359/ . Also, there is a new Indy Z Car Club FACEBOOK page , https://www.facebook.com/pages/Indy-Z-Car-Club/229885053791 besides the normal club website, Indy Z Car Club . Actual show details along with registration information remains on the Midwest Z Heritage Show 2013 website. Gather the information you need and make your plans now to attend June 14 & 15 in Nashville, INDIANA. We hope to have a nice mix of Nissan’s and Infiniti’s. Join us!

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I'd like to add that this is some beautiful country and the roads are great. 17 miles away is Bloomington(my home town) that is home to Indiana University, and with a university town there is lot's of things to see and do.

Great eateries and a great nite-life, hope we have a great showing.

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Thanks for the kind words! Hope you all can make it in June, I promised 72 degree days at the Columbus show last year. I mean to keep that promise...maybe. Here is the latest update:

There’s only a little over 2 months left before our Midwest Z Heritage event. I know many are still planning for ZDayZ and the Branson Z Fest that come along first, but don’t forget to put our little down home Nashville, Indiana event on your calendars. Registrations are starting to come in…remember in addition to the Z’s, Classic Datsuns, Infiniti G’s and the GTR’s are also invited to share in the fun. We expect the Z gang to show up but we also want to see some G’s and GTR’s!

Season’s Lodge has very few rooms left. If you want to stay at the show site, book now! Have no fear!!! The overflow will be booked into other nearby hotels in Nashville owned by the same family. Everyone will be accommodated. However, be aware that the rates may not be the same.

Several sponsors have gotten on board to support our event and our benefactor, Paws & Think. Our Gold, Silver and Bronze level sponsors are Dreyer & Reinbold Infiniti, AMS Motorsports, Motordyne Engineering, Tom Wood Nissan, Z1 Motorsports, TJK Property Services, Voodoo Ride and Jim Wolf Technology. I don’t want to overlook our other contributors who have provided items for raffle and auction…, Z Car Source, Mecum, Motorsport Auto, Black Dragon, Griot’s, RPM Performance, Discount Tire, Muteki, American Collector’s Insurance, K&N Filters, Applebee’s, Max & Erma’s, Z-Speed, Stoner’s, Datsun Parts LLC, Vino Villa, ZCCA, Turtle Wax, Autozone, Tony Stewart Foundation and WD-40 . More sponsorships are being added almost daily.

Check the show website Midwest Z Heritage Show 2013 for complete event and hotel registration information. See you there!

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June will be upon us before you know it! Remember, in addition to the Z’s,…… Classic Datsuns, Infiniti G’s and the GTR’s are also invited to share in the fun of the 2013 Midwest Z Heritage Car Show. Spread the word to your Z, G, and GTR friends!!

Nearly forty sponsors have gotten on board to support our event and our beneficiary, Paws & Think. Look at the sponsor page on our show website to get an idea of where our raffle & auction items are coming from.

Check the show website Midwest Z Heritage Show 2013 for complete event and hotel registration information. While the Season’s Lodge is nearly booked, have no fear, everyone will be accommodated at a nearby location.

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Since our last update we have added more Bronze Level support: Stillen, Flowmaster, and CourtesyParts.com.

Still plenty of time to register and join us. Remember we need G’s and GTR’s too!! Visit Midwest Z Heritage Show 2013 for complete information.

For those of you just wanting to hang out for the beer and music we are happy to report that you will be entertained by PET MONKEY in The Saloon at Season's Lodge on both Friday and Saturday nights.

Pet Monkey | Music, mayhem and good fun and Pet Monkey: Live at Jakes 2012 on Vimeo

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I have heard that ZDAYZ was a huge success once again. I have made that trip three times and had a conflict this year, but our show coordinator did make it. Hopefully, everyone has enough gas money left to think about coming to our event, less than a month from now, in rustic Nashville, INDIANA, on June 14-15 at the Season’s Lodge.

We have received unprecedented sponsor support this year. We have numerous donations, both automotive and non-automotive. The Z/G/GTR gift certificates and parts donations cover everything from the old school Datsun’s to the GTR’s. Pardon me while I shout…WE HAVE WELL OVER $4500. RETAIL VALUE IN SHOW DONATIONS THAT WILL BE UP FOR RAFFLE AND SILENT AUCTION!! Visit the sponsor page to get an idea what support we have received.

Register NOW! The Season’s Lodge may be fully booked by now but there are plenty of rooms available a block away within the same family of hotels. Everyone should be able to be accommodated. Just call the Season’s Lodge as noted on the show website. Visit www.midwestzheritage.com to download form to register for the show and get hotel information.

Remember early registration ends on June 1st. Registrants after that will be provided a banquet meal and a t-shirt only if available. “Day of Show” registrants are very welcome but cannot be guaranteed a shirt or a banquet dinner.

Remember we want the Infiniti G’s, Nissan GTR’s and the classic Datsun’s to participate!!

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Time does indeed fly and the Branson Z Fest has wrapped up. That leaves the Midwest Z Heritage show next up on June 14-15!! Even though the official registration date has just passed there is still time to make hotel plans and mail in a show reservation…just do it quickly to assure a banquet dinner and hopefully a t-shirt.

We are lucky to have as participants some of the heavy hitters of the Z world. We are expecting Chris Karl, Executive Director of the ZCCA, and “Mad Mike” Taylor, the ZCCA liaison to Japan. Mike is going to make the trip all the way from Grapevine, Texas! He is one of the people that lobbied the hardest to get the 350Z imported to the USA. He is coming off of two sellout appearances at ZDAYZ and Branson, but promises completely new material to keep you entertained.

Get on the website, Midwest Z Heritage Show 2013, check out the details and get the registration form mailed at once. There is still time to join us in one of the nicest areas of the state of Indiana. There are plenty of back roads to drive and plenty of shops of all kinds in the Art Colony of Nashville.

And we still need Infiniti G’s and Nissan GTR’s… Spread the word!

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