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  1. This was my first car. Bought it in 1976. It was an early '71.
  2. Has anyone checked Mike's registry lately? This Bring a Trailer post has a link to it. I followed the link and noticed that the names on the spreadsheet have been sorted alphabetically, but the other columns are still in vin order. My #4642 now has someone else's name next to it and my name is next to someone's '72. I don't know if this can be resolved or not. This registry is such a nice tool. I hate to see it corrupted.
  3. This is a predicament. My two-cents worth... If it is driving you crazy now, and you can afford to fix it, then go ahead and fix it. Otherwise, it will bug you forever. I too have a 905 red 1970. When I had mine painted, the paint shop told me that they had a PPG representative out to the shop and he used some sort of sensor to analyze they color inside of the door jamb. I did not see them do this and he could have made it all up for all I know, but I am happy with the color. It looks just like the original. People sometimes think I have an orange car. I used to have a 918 orange '71. Now that was orange. I would notice a 240z that was the "wrong" red, but I wouldn't hold it against anyone.
  4. Not very many photos. 195K miles. Not the original drive train. Hmmm.
  5. It's your car. I say, do with it what you want. I've never seen a series 1 automatic. Interesting.
  6. I bought a fiberglass replacement at Classic Datsun Motorsports. I'm very happy with it.
  7. Agreed. That is about what mine cost.
  8. Carl, that is a great story. Did you know Rob McCormick? (May have been known as Bob or Robby.) He would have been one of the Mid-Ohio pioneers. He flew Les Greibling around in his plane to find the right piece of land for the track.
  9. Nice, Steve. Now you just need an uncracked dash from an Ohio car where the bodies completely rust away leaving only the dashboard.
  10. Ahhh. That explains it. I have a '70. No flap. Does that mean that I'm always "summer"?
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