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Hot Air Hose from exhaust manifold to air filter box 240Z?

Love my 72 240Z

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Do you drive a lot in the winter? The only purpose of the heat riser hose is to speed engine warmup in cold weather. Most people just pitch the things.

You could clamp a piece of tubing to one of the header tubes down near the collector and accomplish what you want. I thought that I saw an adapter like that for sale somewhere, but a quick internet search didn't return anything useful.

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Thank you for info. I too had your thought about clamping tubing around one of the header pipes :) Thought that maybe, by a long shot, there might be a "kit" (as you suggested) - I too could not find anything on a web search. I do not drive in the winter or rain or bad weather only a Sunshine driver and weekend "car shows". The only reason I am putting it back on is the 72 air box has the connector for the piping and did not want it left "open". Just trying to keep the external "stock stuff" in place - well that sounds contradictory since I have headers huh! :)

BTW, if that is a pic of your car in your profile - that looks sweet! love the "spook" (front air dam) on front. I have the same car and color (112 - right?). I am within one month of finishing with the 3 year "refreshing" of my 240 - here are a few pics before I get the nice ones with everything cleaned.


Thanks for sharing your ideas. Sincerely, David Jacks

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If you feel that you must have the winter air (warm air) feature, you can put a heat muff from a VW Bug (the air cooled ones) on one pipe and run SCAT tubing to the manifold. Piston aircraft also use heat muffs so you can 'em one at Aircraft Spruce & Specialty or Wicks. Make sure that your airbox has the Winter/Summer diverter.

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