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my first 1971 project 240Z


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I am new to the forum and new to the Z community. I recently purchased a 1971 240z with an L24 and 4 speed manual, however the car is in poor condition as it has been sitting for years in a tarped off tent and never properly maintained and neglected. The moisture and heat of being in a closed off tent has wrecked thin metal and there is some holes in the floor from what I could see but the frame rails etc are still intact just need a good media blast/sandblast.

So I am getting the car for a bargain and I am going to take it on as a project/restoration of sorts. Being as young as I am it may not be as nice as some of the members cars or as period correct but I am going to do the best I can with what I have and the funds I can muster.

from what I have been told the L24 was a great engine and ran before the previous owner stored it so I am going to try and get it running once again, he has also supplied me with a bunch of spare parts including a spare head some body parts and the rest of the interior that is missing like the carpet and door panels.

Here are some pictures of what it looks like right now the body is in decent shape just alittle dirty from sitting (ipod camera sorry) The fenders and rear quarters have been changed for fibreglass replacements and a paint job was done some years ago.

any advice is welcome :)





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Welcome to the group, always glad to hear of a younger person taking up the "cause". Adding another 920 Gold survivor to the world ain't so bad either - but then I'm a bit biased!

If you decide to check out the motor first, I suggest you have an external supply of fuel to supply to the fuel pump, don't attempt to supply from the onboard tank - you know it is nasty inside, right? Otherwise, be patient and keep a "needs list" updated as you remove each item from the car and decide to reuse or replace. Don't hesitate to ask questions of the group, everybody loves to help.


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thanks for the kind words I get to see the car this weekend and really figure out what I have got myself into it is going to e a lengthy project and most likely an expensive one but I love it as much as anyone. I just hope the chassis is not too far gone.

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Congratulations on your first Z Justin! I bought a '71 in July to restore and know how easy it is to feel overwhelmed! Just curious, what is the manufacture date and VIN of your car? From the photos you posted, the rust doesn't look bad on this car, but of course rust is always hidden. :) This forum is a great resource for advice and searching previous topics really helps. Congratulations again!

Robert S.

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