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  1. The bullet or the Talbot style side mirrors IMO look good and are period correct , they are still in the market and as a pair L/R. I get tons of complements on my vintage Talbot's >>>
  2. Picture Oct 20/2013 annual check up and under car cleaning >>>
  3. Debating patina or nice new shine on my Z
  4. Silver and red is a great combo, a lot exotic GT's have that color combo :bulb:
  5. Thanks, I also love this Z , she gives me a smile on every mile.
  6. My Z was prep at that shop, yes the Pierre Perrot Z stable, fully documented >>>>>
  7. A Carolla is a Datsun fan. His herd, a killer historic 510, a Fair lady racer , a 610 racer, the Newman car and soon a Z
  8. I have one , mine has a fold on the last page, they appear on Ebay now and then. Keep in good condition and get the matching green Z with the tan interior , that way you will a nice pair of 70's memories
  9. Storage season is coming not that soon in this part of the world, I hate that thought and the idea of her away ills me . So she will be driven on dry days till a snow day alert is given , then she goes to her dorm
  10. Very nice , tempted but I like the patina on my euro rear tail lamps
  11. Some changes made to Z VETTE }}}} and my babe
  12. Nice video , made a copy for my archives
  13. Getting ZVETTE ready for the Ocean City Car Show this coming week end}}
  14. Make sure that the old cracked dash is clean, sand it , make flat spots on the cracks edges in order to bond the new cap with GE silicone in galore amounts. Good luck
  15. Here more info on this sad news http://collectorcarpricetracker.com/auctions/make/Datsun/model/240Z/years/1970-1973/ Values .
  16. Here,lust, critique , give opinions, cry your guts out, this is pure automotive porn.....http://bringatrailer.com/2013/01/06/60-valves-4-turbos-1994-bugatti-eb110-gt/
  17. That was a neat adventure, the pictures say it all.................
  18. Check this info on forced balance,,,,,,,,,,,http://www.hunter.com/company/news/press/current/pr_rft.cfm :bulb: I had it done on my Z and there is no vibration, Zero, nada, she is smooth
  19. Lucky the one that have salt free roads, here a tiny mist of snow flakes and the salt brigade did it's attack That day came and she is resting, good thing is that the local Fiat group has winter events,,,
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