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heads up about a great metal polish.

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bought a tube of wenol on a friends advice. the stuff is magic. it brought my drip rails, window trim and everything chrome or polished on my car back to life. this stuff makes the parts look damn newr new and only costs about $10. i have not seen it in a store so i got it on the net and am very satisfied

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Great stuff! Did you get the red or the new Blue variety?

Mike recently pointed out that we have a "Product Review" function on this forum that I think we should be using more: This would be a great article to add to that venue:

Find it here http://www.classiczcars.com/reviews/

PS: Mike, I can't find a link on any of the main page menus to the "reviews" page, might be worth adding. I had to search it out. If its easy to find, people will actually use it!

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