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  1. Year: 1971 Series 1 240Z (75,568 miles) Location: Acworth Georgia 30102 Price: $6K OBO I have this unfinished project sitting in my garage and it need a new owner to complete it. Here is some info on it but it would definitely be best for interested people to come check it out in person. Please call Me (Jamie) at 770-294-9975 if you want to check it out. All rot cut out and patched, floors, front fenders, new doglegs New windshield and rest of the glass is in great shape New rubber seals for doors and other small pieces New Tikico suspension and urethane kit 280zx brake booster New Enki wheels and new tires complete interior in very good shape all tar insulation removed and replaced with dynomat engine bay painted blue runs great when battery is charged dash lights replaced with LED, volt meter replace ampmeter electronic ignition one door is dented from moving it in trailer small oil leak tons of receipts and paperwork fiberglass bumpers and headlight surrounds yes the dash has cracks
  2. Wow that looks great. Where are you located? I would be willing to pay you to re silver my mirror. If you are interested PM me a price and your address and I will ship you the mirror, cash and a return shipping label. Thanks
  3. for anyone interested the easiest thing to do would be to install a pressure switch that is activated when the clutch is fully depressed. cut the YB wire and wire them normally open to a relay pos (30 and 87). ground the relay pos (85). run power top one side of the clutch switch, the other side to the switch portion of the relay pos (86). when the clutch is depressed the switch will ingage the relay and connect the two ends of the YB wire.
  4. I use a similar product at my job and we order them through Barnes Distribution
  5. just what I needed Dan. Thanks
  6. clean the pivots and swap a honda motor in and you will be good to go
  7. I have noticed their are connections on the front harness for fog lights. A red wire that jumps from one side to the other and then into the car and a black wire that gives constant ground. I can not for the life of me find where the red wire is taped up inside the car or if it is a dead pin on a plug. I would like to use this wire to trigger my fog light relay if I can find it inside the car. any info would be apreciated. The wiring diagram in the FSM just says it is a red wire and a red and green wire...
  8. Thanks guys. Judging by that pic the wires run under the steering column not over it.
  9. Anyone have a picture or two? Just looking at the wire and how it all lays not to mention the cover that goes over the ignition I am guessing it goes under because of cut-outs ion the cover to accommodative the wires and connectors. If anyone can verify that would be great.
  10. Ok so I put my dash back into my 240 and since I numbered them all of the wiores mated up really nice. The passanger side and center console areas are ran correct and hidden from view. My question is on the driver side. Does the harness run under the steering assembly or does it kind of run up and over than come out on the left side and go to the ignition switch? The latter seems to be correct especially since the buzzer wires are very short and only seem to reach if it is run this way.Any info or pictures would be greatly apreciated. It is a 1971 Series 1 240. Thanks in advance
  11. i bought one on rock auto's site and it fit perfect into my OEM bottle
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