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  1. Not sure if it's OK to post this here, but unfortunately I need to sell my Z. It's up in the classifieds and on craiglist. It's a really nice 280z, well cared for and drives great. Thanks, Sean.
  2. Has anyone tried this on aluminum wheels?
  3. Rather than hijack this thread, I'm starting a new one to ask a dumb question. Were the side-moldings I've see on 280z's an option from the factory? Or did they all have them? Mine doesn't have them, but it's been painted so I figured maybe they were just removed. If they're missing, is it considered better (purist-wise) to put them back on? Or just leave them off? I kind of like it without them. Thanks, Sean.
  4. Mike's Z Shop is in Whittier, not exactly Orange County, but they are great!
  5. I wanted to give a shout out for Mike's Z Shop in Whittier, CA. I've read great things about them on this forum and others. My 78 280Z had developed a small fuel drip that I didn't want to deal with, so I made the 30+ mile drive on Saturday. They replaced some old fuel hose for basically 1 hour of labor, and gave the rest of the car a good once-over. I spoke to the owner for a bit, they really do treat each car as if it was their own, and make a real effort to go the extra mile for you. Met a guy with a 1990 300ZX twin turbo, he had a bad engine replacement from another mechanic, and the guy's at Mike's fixed everything. They really seem to know Z's. A giant plus is that they're open on Saturdays, too. Makes it so much easier for me. Anyways, a thumbs up for Mike's! Thanks, Sean.
  6. Just wanted give a big Thank You to this forum for pointing me towards Hagerty Insurance. I learned about Hagerty on here a couple of months ago. My insurance renewal was due this week, and the insurance for my 1978 280Z went from $680/yr to $830/yr, all due to some rate restructuring. I signed up with Hagerty for $143/yr! Same coverage with no deductible, so a nice savings of almost $700/yr for me! I spoke with the underwriter, they only ask about miles driven when you first sign up, they don't monitor it. I don't put many miles on mine anyways, so no big deal. Though I mainly read and don't post often, I love this forum, thanks again!
  7. x2 on the 3M kit. My son just bought this kit from Wal Mart for about $15 for the lights on his Mitsubishi Eclipse which were very clouded and yellowed. It's just a bunch of sanding pads that get finer and finer, ending with a polishing pad. No liquids or waxes or rubbing compounds or anything like that. You'll need a good drill (corded is best). I was a little skeptical, but his lights came out perfectly clear, it was pretty amazing. Sean.
  8. Thanks for the reference, I see it now. I was thrown that the blower didn't work on any setting, so I didn't think it was the A/C fuse. I just changed the fuse, all is well. Which is good because it will be warm this week! Checked all of the other fuses too. Thanks for the help! Sean.
  9. I'll check that fuse tonight. I guess I didn't think that could be it, since the blower does not blow for any air setting (AC, heat, vent, etc.). But I will go through all of the fuses tonight. If that doesn't do it, I'll pull the center panel. Thanks! Sean.
  10. Hello, My fan switch stopped working today, which is a bummer when it's 90+ outside. The A/C was blowing fine on the way to the store all the way until I shut the car off. But after I came out of the store the blower won't blow at any speed. I've only had this Z for about 3 weeks. There have been a couple of times when I would have to jiggle the lever to get the blower going. I haven't seen anywhere that there is a fuse for the fan switch. I have the FSM, so I can see how to take it apart, but there is no mention of a fuse. Is there an inline fuse for the fan switch on a 78? Or could it just be a bad switch? Any ideas are appreciated! Thanks, Sean.
  11. Hi All, I'm new here, just bought a 78 280z a couple of days ago. It needs new tires, so I'm looking for some brand/model recommendations. I've searched, and mostly have found discussions on different sizes. I'm sticking with the stock size, so need a good-looking moderately priced tire. This would be for normal street-driving, weekends mainly. Thanks, Sean.
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