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carburetor rebuild


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Got a 73` Z with retro 72 carbs. Mechanic says they need a rebuild, won`t hold an idle unless choke is open half way otherwise it dies. It`s $400 for them to do it. Should I attempt it myself or leave it to a pro. This guy is trustworthy.

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Hmmm, How 'bout I throw out another option for you?

Scott Bruning has some great videos on rebuilding SUs, and runs http://www.ztherapy.com/. Check it out - you may want to get a video and do DIY, or send them in and have him do a professional job.


Gary P

'72 240z - 5 spd., Crane Cams elec. ignition mod, BFG Comp TAs (needs tlc)

'97 JGC Laredo - K&N filter mod, Don-A-Vee TB spacer, factory skids/front tow hooks, Con-Ferr roof rack

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I bought the video from Scott at Ztherapy last year, I too have a 73Z with 72 carbs (and manifold).......the video answered a lot of questions about the Su's and tune-ups..

It seems clear to me that $400 for a mech to rebuild yours to questionable shape vs $550ish to Ztherapy is a no brainer..... I think Scott even gives u a discount for the old carbs, check his web site at www.ztherapy.com

I will be buying his rebuilt carbs in the near future (as soon as possible).



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I got my SU carbs from Scott at Z therapy last year. '70 model carbs. He had them already mounted on a polished intake manifold with the crossover valve (NON-EGR). Great communication. I forget to get him my trade but I don't think he wanted my old Webers anyway. Great carbs!!!

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So, your options are:

1) Pay your mechanic $400. Hopefully, he knows how to rebuild these carbs. If not, you might have even worse problems on your hands.

2) Pay $20 (?) for the video and DIY. Learn something about your car. Understand how to tweak the carbs if you're stuck in the desert. Know how your engine works.

3) Pay $550 and have a professional Zcar SU carb man send you a rebuilt set of carbs in PERFECT working condition.

If you're not very technically inclined, I'd recommend that you use option #3. But, if you know how to tweak with things, and your car isn't your main mode of transportation.... I'd go for option #2. Practice makes perfect. :) Just make sure the carbs aren't totally screwed up.

Or, better yet... buy the video (option #2), tweak stuff yourself, learn something... and, if they are still messed up.. Go for option #3. The $150 price difference is worth it. Believe me. You might be out $400 and still need to buy a new set. :D

Do it right the first time.


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