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  1. Marty: Great to here from another Z owner, and local at that! Williams Bay is located on Lake Geneva, Wi. The Z is a 73`. I am not asking anybody to do the work, just give me info, of what might possibly be the problem/s. Ignition switch is non op. Got a new elec unit for the back part of the switch, that`s not the problem. I short the starter, engine turns over, will not start. No spark to the plugs, got a new coil, still no start. If you ever get up this way, maybe you could stop by and take a look. The car has zero rust, original paint, It`ll be great when it runs and gets repainted, I can`
  2. Just seeking other Z enthusiast`s who might have insight and physically look into my Z car`s "idiosyncrasy`s". Have contacted a Z club in the nothern Chicago area, no response. Regards, Mike.
  3. Is there ANYBODY in my area that can help me? This would include nothern Ill., southern Wi., Iowa, Minn. regards, Mike.
  4. Hard, harsh ride! Want to install Illumina adj. Shocks/Structs from Victoria British Ltd. Any thoughts?
  5. I have about a grand to spend on mods. I need input on the following. Electronic ignition, Headers, Carb filters and Grose Jets,exhaust pipes, tuned exhaust, spark plugs(split fire?) and wires. Positive or negative comments welcomed. Regards, Mike.
  6. MikeT73


    Got a 73`Z. When I turn the ignition key from the lock position the engine turns over and starts. I then turn it back to the lock position. To turn it off I turn quickly to off. The actual start position on the switch doe`s nothing! Bought another switch, same situation. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Thanks for the info. Had an original 72 Z, and lowered it about 1.5 in. The ride was uncomfortable. Now that I`am more " mature" (old) I want more comfort and still have a cool looking car. Thanks again, MikeT73.
  8. I would like to keep the stock " ride" but would like to lower the over all height. Is it possible to increase the shock tower height? Regards, MikeT73.
  9. Got a 73Z. Engine is a giant paperweight. Will a 280Z engine work in the car. Is there quicker acceleration with the 280 engine, i.e., more torque?
  10. Sucked a valve on my 73Z. Local shop will rebuild it for $2500. Guy on eBay has got a rebuild 2600 for $950.00. Any helpful comments would be much appreciated!
  11. My Z is similar to your 73` with 72 carbs. If you can, check out my rebuild carb question. Regards, MikeT73.
  12. Got a 73` Z with retro 72 carbs. Mechanic says they need a rebuild, won`t hold an idle unless choke is open half way otherwise it dies. It`s $400 for them to do it. Should I attempt it myself or leave it to a pro. This guy is trustworthy.
  13. Anybody got one they would sell?
  14. Thanks John, will do! Regards, MikeT73
  15. Accelerated on a curved on-ramp, went about a half mile, then heard a rumbleing sound from the rear end. Anyone want to hazard a guess? Car seems to run o.k., but a somewhat higher pitched rumble is still present, although it`s not real loud. Hope it`s nothing more than needing oil ( It`s NEVER that CHEAP or EASY!). Regards, MikeT73
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