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Door panel backing....


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Hey guys,

I searched around and found many post regarding door panels, but nothing that really addressed the backing. I have these beautiful door skins from Les but my backing is feeling pretty weak.

I know in the past some were thinking about doing these in fiberglass or some other type material and was wondering if anyone came up with anything.

Also, is there a way to take the current panels and some how reinforce them or give them some added support where some pices of the hard board have broken off or are flimsy.

Thanks for any input.


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Why not just recreate them out of some new hardboard/Masonite?

Use the old one as a pattern, trace it out and go to town with a jig saw and sander.

Coat with some polyurethane to increase the moisture resistance and call it a day.

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There may be a more elegant or comprehensive solution, but all I did was to find the weak spots/breaks in my panels and use a good stiff mixture of a two part expoxy with a light glass cloth across the back. This is not a perfect solution, as some breaks are too close to the edge, or are a tight fit against the door, meaning you can't build it up too much. But it work to stiffen up some dicey spots and give it more rigidity. I note that this solution also worked for the el cheapo plastic panels in the mid and rear of our zeds: that plastic is pretty thin and even gentle handling when you are renewing the interior can produce fractures.

hope this helps.

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Maybe in the future we will have other alternative, but I've only heard of using some type of resin like epoxy with fiberglass or getting an old panel. If you can find the board like material you could use steam to shape the panel I've used that to reshape panels so they fit better.

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You can use fiberglass resin to substantially reinforce the door panel. When the resin soaks into the fiberboard and sets, it becomes VERY ridgid. When you have some areas where there are fractures or missing chunks you could use pieces of 1/8" masonite to fill gaps or use fiberglass cloth. I have mixed the resin with sawdust and filled cracks with great success. It is very 'Workable' and can be sanded.

The resin will also waterproof the panel, which is a bonus. If you are only repairing the bottom with the resin, you can use Polyurethane finish to seal and waterproof the remainder of the panel.

Before you re-install on the door make sure that you cover the inside of the door with some heavy mil plastic as an moisture barrier.

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