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Has anyone seen this Z

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The town was cripple creek before all the big changes.
I used to think that was the place that 'The Band' was singing about back in the day. Wrong part of the country though because the Cripple Creek they sang about was 'Straight down the Mississippi river, to the Gulf of Mexico, to Lake Charles, Louisiana.'
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Unfortunately, I was a lot young and dumber back then. I don't have anything. I sold it to a guy in aurora.

I fully understand what that's all about. I can't find any info on my first 240Z either. It was a '72 that I had back in college in the late '70s and early '80s. One thing that I thought of the other day was contacting the auto insurance company since they have the VIN numbers of all the cars they insure. Lucky for me, my late father was my insurance agent at the time, so there's a chance that the records might still be in the filing cabinets in my Mom's basement. The next time I visit her, maybe I'll find the VIN. If you can remember who your insurance company or agent was at the time, they may be able to find your old car's VIN. It's a long shot, but it's worth a try if you really want to find the whereabouts of your old car.

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