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Love my 1978 280z

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I've had my 1978 280z since 1996. It has no functional AC and even though I am in the middle of the desert, a Phoenix suburb, I still love that damn car!! But a few years ago I purchased another car and it is now my primary vehicle.

My poor z has been sitting a while, about a year. I know, I know, very BAD. I was mentally ready to sell it, then I heard the motor roar again and can't imagine letting it go.... Naturally it's having some problems, so my dad and I jumped in and got to work. It's coming along. So here I am and looking for vacuume hose diagrams, and various other stuff...one thing at a time. For now the vaccume hose diagram.

I may be a chick and I don't know a lot, but I can figure it out with a little help. So speak in laymans terms please LOL. See you all soon.


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