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Need someone to restore a 260.....any ideas?


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Hi, newbie here. Long story short, I own a '74 260Z that I found about 10 years ago. I had an '82 ZX engine put in it, in line 6, and it was a nice driver for a while. Brakes started to go and I parked it, thinking I'd fix it next week. Well........

Weeks turned into months, and months into years, and you know the rest. :stupid:

Anyway, I thought I had someone here in town that was up to restoring it. He got it fairly fixed up, but the carburators were shot. He said it needed a new set, so I told him to simply go online and find me a pair of Webers or some aftermarket. But.........in summary, this mechanic has no real interest in restoring my Z. :disappoin

Unfortunately, I simply don't have the time to restore it. Nor the brains.

I am looking for a good professional that can restore this car. I am not looking to return it to concours show car quality, but I do want to restore the glory of this car. And I sure want to drive it!!! And in a reasonable timeframe.

Anyone know any good pro's out there?

And thanks! :classic:

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If Savannah, GA isn't too far away for you.

Asian Automotive could easily handle the mechanicals, and there is a Concourse bodyshop that does first in first out here that will tone down their results to a smaller budget-better results than I have seen coming from anywhere else.


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Do you want a shop with little or some knowledge or do you want someone with great knowledge and experience? Is it a resto-mode or an original restoration?

The more knowledge and skills, the better! This car has never been restored, though I had a bit of work done years ago.........new carpet, the new engine, etc. It needs carburator work, tuning up, work on the bumper (rubber stuff coming off), paint, etc. Spiffing up. Most all dials are iffy. Lights, blowers, etc are circa '74 and seem older. Wipers are slowwwwww........

I want it done right.

I wonder, is it a big deal to add a 5 speed?

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Converting to a 5 speed is not difficult, nor is sorting out the electricals (start with cleaning all your connectors).

You'll find that the search function on the site will show you many hours worth of reading covering all your subjects (including some tips on converting/refreshing the slow wiper issues)

Welcome to the site, and happy reading!

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What is your budget for the project? Be aware you are looking at some bucks to have all this done and done right. Most likely $12,000.00 + for what you are mentioning. This would be a good price.


If done correctly, $12K sounds reasonable. I am looking for a shop to do it right! I will post pics when I can.........digital camera and computer are having sync problems at present........I think I have to delete the software and add it again. :ermm:

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I am sure that Eddie Radatz in Kennesaw/Marietta, GA (770.926.6609) could take care of you as well if that is not too far away for you. He has been working on Z-cars almost exclusively since I beleive 1974 or so...

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