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What's in YOUR garage?

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Diseazd, thank you for the complements! Yeah, that was one of my concerns when purchasing the vehicle. I had a Subaru Impreza a few years back, and the white was so much easier to match because it was not pearl. I did get a full frontal clear bra however, so hopefully that'll keep everything clean and tidy :)

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MY 72 I have I have titled and registered

my 73 on the other hand I have no title to get the car registered :mad: I'm pretty stuck

If anyone has any easyout idea's let me know:confused:

In New York State you only need to transfer registration for cars 1973 and older, they had no titles. Check out the DMV website, there's a simple protocol to obtain if you don't have it

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Did that already it's from 1972 and older and the last place it was reg. was Navada. I'll check again but I'm pretty sure 1973 and above has to have a title. Even so I dont have info on the last owner I dont think its been on the road for at least 10 years

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3/4 way down the page

If the Acceptable Proof of Ownership is not Available

If the acceptable proofs of ownership are not available, use these instructions to get the acceptable proof of ownership.

Titled Vehicles

If the seller has a title certificate that was transferred to the seller by the previous owner, and the title certificate displays the name of the previous owner, the seller must get a title certificate that displays the name of the seller. Use the instructions to apply for a title certificate only.

If the seller cannot get a title certificate that displays the name of the seller, the seller can contact a DMV Call Center to get more information.

Non-Titled Vehicles

Replace a NYS transferable registration: If the NYS transferable registration is lost, the current owner can apply for a duplicate registration document at a DMV office. Use the application form MV-82 (Application for Registration or Title) and the instruction form MV-82.1. The current owner can transfer the ownership with the duplicate registration document, even if the registration is expired. The current owner must also complete a bill of sale.

Form MV-353 (Certification of NYS Registration for Transfer of Non-Titled Vehicle): If the NYS transferable registration is lost and the DMV cannot issue a duplicate, the current owner can apply for form MV-353. The DMV must verify from its records that the vehicle was registered to the current owner. The current owner must provide proof of identity. There is a fee $10 for form MV-353. The current owner can use form MV-353 and a bill of sale to transfer the ownership.

Form MV-51B (Statement of Ownership): If the DMV cannot issue a transferable registration or form MV-353 the registration applicant must show other evidence of ownership For example, the applicant can show an old registration, an original Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin, or an original Manufacturer's Statement of Origin. If the proof is not available, the applicant can use form MV-51B for proof of ownership.

Form MV- 51 (Certification of Sale or Transfer for 1972 or Older Vehicles or Any Other Non-Titled Vehicles): If the seller did not register the vehicle, the boat, the ATV or the snowmobile, the seller can complete form MV- 51 and give the form to the buyer. The seller must also give the buyer the original proof of ownership and bill of sale that the seller received from the previous owner. If there are other previous owners, the seller must also give the buyer proofs of all previous transfers of ownership. The seller must also give the buyer a bill of sale.

Proof of Ownership Supplied by the Buyer

Before you purchase a vehicle, boat, or snowmobile that is non-titled, make sure that you will receive the acceptable proofs of ownership. If you cannot get any of these proofs, you must:

Contact the previous owner that sold the vehicle, boat or snowmobile to you. Get a bill of sale, and a registration receipt or form MV-353 transferred to you.


Write to the owner and request that the owner transfer the acceptable proof of ownership to you and mail the proof to you. Use certified mail to request a return receipt.

If you do not receive proof of ownership, and the US Postal Service returns your certified letter, bring all of these items to a DMV office:

The returned certified letter in its envelope, not opened.

A pencil tracing, a photo or a police statement that shows the vehicle identification number.

A notarized affidavit that explains how you got the vehicle and describes how you tried to get the acceptable proof of ownership.

Other documents that are evidence of ownership. For example, any bills of sale or registration documents of previous owners, or your cancelled check for payment, is evidence of ownership.

A completed form MV-51B (Statement of Ownership). Note: If you have had the vehicle, the boat or the snowmobile for less than one year and it was never registered by the previous owner, the previous owner must complete form MV-51B.

Important Note: If your proof of ownership for a vehicle, boat, or snowmobile that is non-titled is not a NYS transferable registration transferred to you by the previous owner, the local DMV office will issue a non-transferable registration. You can use the vehicle, boat or snowmobile with a non-transferable registration, but you cannot transfer your ownership to another person.

After your non-transferable registration is issued, the DMV Title Services Bureau examines your proofs. The Title Services Bureau decides if the DMV can issue a transferable registration. The Title Services Bureau will mail to you a transferable registration or a letter that explains why the DMV cannot issue a transferable registration.

If the Vehicle Owner is Deceased

Read these instructions on what to do if the owner of a vehicle is deceased.

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Well here's where the kicker the guy I bought it from never registered it so I dont have any of the previous owner info, other than what I can dig up through internet searches which aren't really helping. I found out the last place it was registered was nevada that's as far as I got, and from what I see I'll need some kind of proof of ownership from the last person who legally owned i. it looks like if I do find out who owned it I can send a certified letter requesting proof of ownership and if it gets sent back I may be able to use that. I'm gonna try and call navada DMV and see if they can help find the owner

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For anyone who is interested (hope it's ok to continue posting in here), I have some updates on the wagon. Added the M5 front bumper and yesterday, my motor arrived.

Thomson GMPP LSX 427 with LS7 heads (titanium intake valves and sodium filled exhaust valves) and LS7 intake mani.


After Thomson built the 427's, they had a few leftover and decided to take it a little further. I am waiting on the dyno sheet but I was told that this motor made over 600hp at the fly and revs to 7k :) The engine came with the CTSV acc kit and an E67 stand alone ECU kit. Just waiting on the TR6060 trans from Tremec now.








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Z car isn't in this picture, but pictured is the GF's newest addition :):

1994 Miata R-Package w/ hardtop, Torsen LSD, double hollow-backed wheels (10lb ea.!), Bilstein Sport Suspension.

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Did that already it's from 1972 and older and the last place it was reg. was Navada. I'll check again but I'm pretty sure 1973 and above has to have a title. Even so I dont have info on the last owner I dont think its been on the road for at least 10 years

Search on the Web - there are lots of guys in other States that will get you a title for just about anything. Easier to do in non-title States with older cars. They charge a fee of course.. but that may be a way to go..


Carl B.

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all for sale, by the way :P

http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/

That pick was a blast Tony; I could not believe the great parts Erik and I found there that early December Sunday. I hope Jackie did well with the sale of parts and that her Roadster gets done right for her; she is really a great lady. Anyone looking for quality old stock parts should get a hold of Tony.

And thanks to Tony and Jackie the 67 Roadster in my garage is looking really good. It should be getting its stroker dumped in within the next week or so then off Classic Datsun for an awesome red interior. Pictures when done.

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Dang guys, lots of people here with both BMWs and Datsun. On the BMW forums I'm on, I was noticing a few people had Datsun, too. Must be a think with some of us Datsun/BMW people. Here's a pic of my E21. Recently rebuilt the entire top end and timing. Runs super nice... Not sure I'm gonna keep it though... Kinda thinking of selling so I can build up an offroad project.





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I once had a car almost just like that Zohan. Mine was a white '81 320is. It was a fun car, but needed more motor.

Yeah, it's a little weak on the motor. Probably has just a tiny bit more than stock on it right now. But it's a straight daily driver and I love her! :D

some awesome cars folks,

sadly no Z at present for me, but these are what I currently have...

Your skyline is....Wow.... :)

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I know this is a Z site. But this beauty is about to roar her way into my garage.

Always dreamed of owning a '68. The 4 slats on the side are the giveaway that she's a '68. I remember drooling over a canary yellow one as a schoolkid at Clayton Chevrolet in Arab Alabama, in 1968. Price THEN was $5200, SAME as what my father was paying for a behemoth wagon for my mom to haul schoolkids in.

I BEGGED Dad to get the Vette instead!

Needs a LOT of work although the powertrain is brand new, bored out 350 and Turbo Hydramatic 400, new fuel tank, exhaust. Machined heads, hardened seats, .060 over, starts on the first crank. New Deamon carb, (can anyone tell me anything about these?)

Nothing else works, inoperative pass door handle, AC in a box, leaking brake caliper on one wheel, electrical a mess, vacuum headlights SNAFU, inop cowl slider to expose wipers, ... a lot to be done. A whole lot. Needs a nice paint job although from 50' away it looks good "as is." Rally wheels, Quadrajet, and OEM taillights (in good shape!) in a box...along with a lot of other oem parts...

Numbers do NOT match....yeah, big deal, right? Who besides the $50,000 restoration crowd gives a RA about matching #'s... My goal is a daily driver...yes, despite her classic

status, I buy these things to drive them, not to store (and prepare) them for the NEXT guy...

I observe the vacuum advance on the dizzy isn't even connected, meaning there may be another 20-40 horsepower available for the price of some vacuum hose or a dizzy advance rebuild... coil is miswired with the ballast resistor sitting disconnected on the firewall.....clearly some amateurs have been at work here...

But you should hear her roar. Manual steering and brakes. T-tops, rear window pops out for convertible effect... Beautiful (if non-original wheels with good rubber)

Get this --- NO SEAT BELTS!!!

Paid $10,000. What do you think? Deal of the century or am I a complete sucker?


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Hi Wade,

I see you went with a classic 'Vette and not the P-car we discussed - and a substantially lower investment. Looks like a fun project awaits you. At least the drive train is solid, everything else is just details. Little or no potential for tin worms. Have fun.


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