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260z Finland


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I am a 26 years young entrepreneur from Joensuu Finland. I have this beautiful brown metallic 260 z -74. This car was brought to finland in early 80's The last tax sricker is from year 1980 from state of florida. The car is all original exept the carbs that I have replaced with Volvo Su's. I have those original flat tops storaged as well. Interior is superb although drivers seat has some cuts. I even got the original power antenna to work. Also the original fm radio works just fine.


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Well, if it came from Florida, this is more than likely what we had as a 74 1/2 model. It originally came with the big 280 style bumpers and fuel injection. Someone has taken the FI off and installed the carbs.

Alfadog, we only got the 260 for one year in the States. First half of 74 was with the flat top carbs and small 240 style bumpers. Then the big bumpers and FI the second half of the year. Then they went to the 75 280 which was essentially the same. Something you folks "down under" didn't have to worry about since you had the 260 until the ZX's came out in 79.

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driving in Finland must be fun. The best rallye drivers are "flying fins". As far as I know from my friend Esa-Jukka in Helsinki you often have wet conditions. In my first 260Z I had rust problems inside the front fenders. In Finland I found a good solution , a Lokari- sisaelokasuoja (correct?), a Lokari inner mudguard (you can see it in my gallery), produced by Ky Leo Laine in Rauma/Finland , also for the Datsun Z.

Good luck and happy Zedding


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Can I check my cars original eguipmet with vin number? If it really had FI originally...

In Finland almos every car from 70 to 80 and so on do have Lokari inner mudguards. I am not sure but I think that those came to be obligatory in 70's!! My 260z is also equipped with innermudguards. I think that those are made out of aluminium..

The weather is just fine now. Just couple of months and it starts get dark outside and soon the winter follows. I dont drive my Z on snow. It is on the road only from end of april to first days of september.

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Hi 260Z!!

It does look like a 280z to me from the bumpers, however some late 260's had these too. Due to the fact you have the indicators mounted in the radiator grill was a 280Z trait that was not shared by any other model, i think.......

On the centre console above the cold/hot air vents do you have a yellow indicator marked Floor Temp and to the right of it a red light indicator marked fuel?? If you do this is a 280z!

Someone shout if they think differently!!

The best way to check is too look at your Vin number and compare it with info. on www.zhome.com

Nice looking car by the way :), i only drive mine in the summer months too.

Nearly forgot to add, whats the engine size of your car??? 2.8 would suggest a 280z and a 2.6 a 260z - unless someone has done a transplant.

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I did not find anything usefull at zhome. Where can I ask for more information about my car? Is there a person at Nissan motor co in japan that can answer to this kind of questions?

My cars vin number is rls30-062579. The tax sticker has expired on june 1980 which is probably the time this car was shipped out of the states. The car has four-gear box, air condition, power antenna and fm radio. I am sure that it is originally 260z, it does have al badges and so on. Besides it was registred in finland as 260z.

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That's a USA / North American export-spec. "260Z" ( note the "RLS30" prefix to the VIN / Chassis Number ).

I think 2ManyZs is right about the year. This would have been one of the first of the cars with the big Federal bumpers.

Sorry to say that there is not much information about the particular spec. of the car from the VIN / Chassis Number - it only acts as a clue for the fine details.................

In my opinion, Zhome has a lot of information but is naturally rather USA / North American biased. That's fine in this case ( as the car seems to have been a USA / North American export version ) but it can lead you to think that nobody knows anything about your car if you happen to have a Japanese, UK, Australian or other market spec. version.................

Great early to mid '70's colour!

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