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  1. But ofcourse they were it is not too easy to see which is wats and which aint.. So many similar wheels. Compomotive etc.
  2. Nice. I would like those 15" dark wheels. Those have the watanabe looks And would be nice on my "rat" look... Maybe just go with widened steels..
  3. What are the specs on these wheels? Width, ET, Radius? And any rubbing? And how about those latest wheels?
  4. Greetings again from Finland. I just managed to get one HGLC-10 And this seller had two.. So I know for sure that there is atleast 6 of these around in Finland.. Maybe few more standing somewhere. I have been searching for these early Skylines. Here you can see all my projects: SKYLINE JAPAN | KMLGC210 Project This c10 needs some work, but it is quite hard. Doors need some welding on outer panels. Side rocker panels are hard. Only front part under fender are a bit rotten. And surface rust here and there... Just got her running and out a new clutch slave cylinder. Have to probably change wheel cylinders and maybe main too for brakes..
  5. Yeah found another c210/211. Not so good as the previous. It is just good for my plans to put some flares on it .. Means some cutting on arches.
  6. Going to keep it original. Since it has not been welded and there is no major rust issues. Engine bay is original.
  7. Bought me a winter car couple of weeks ago. Here it is. Two owners prior to me. Nice orange some surface rust that has been sanded and painted along the way. It seems that most of the paintings has been done with a paintbrush. Took it down a bit with some shorter springs.
  8. Last spring I found a nice Datsun Skyline 1981. it has been owned by a car dealership until it had 40 000 km on the clock. Since then it belonged to a older gentleman, who kept it until he died. Now it has been driven about 115 000 km. It has aircon etc. and everything is working perfectly. It says Skyline 240GT on badge. it has a 2.4 injection engine and 3-speed auto. I wonder how many of these were made as LHD versions? Seems to be quite highly priced machines... The cheapest i saw was 15 000 euros in kuwait etc.. And one original not rebuild on mobile asking over 30 000 euros..
  9. Hi

    Do you still keep in the Datsun. I want to buy.

    Please reply


  10. {ppcode}Are these seats available? If they are where could one ask? Very nice seats!
  11. 260z

    1979 200l

    Bought a Datsun 200l that has 244 thousand kilometers on meter. One owner from 1979-2011
  12. Thanks for the comment on my wheels!

    They are XXR 513's They are 15 X 8 Not sure what the offset is.

    They came from ebay.

    Thanks again,

    Dave B.

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