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Early Shift Boot GROMMETS


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Hey Fellas, I think this might be a very good replacement shift boot grommet that several folks need. See what you think. Hope these pics work.





That looks really close to the original look and the dimensions look right. What material is it made out of?

If it is the same type of material as original, I'll take 2! All I could find so far is a rubber grommet.


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This grommet is definitely rubber. I got a hold of one of the originals and it is a little harder than the rubber, but very little. I believe anyone would be hard pressed to tell the difference with it installed. For anyone who wants to give'em a try, they will be $3 ea. I will try to get a pic posted this evening of the 2 side by side for comparison. I won't be able to send any out til the 1st week of April. For anyone who doesn't have one, I believe you will be happy with them.


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Add three grommets to my order, please, and let me know when you want me to send money. I'm in no hurry.

BTW everybody. I bought a shift boot in leather and ordered the e-brake and pigtail cover in leather. I am very satisfied with everything.


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I can't see that having a rubber grommet rather than the vinyl (or whatever) of the original is a big deal, as once installed the thing is all but hidden. (Yes, this is one of Bryan's boots.)


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I'm a pretty sorry photographer but anyway,





I'm guessing that in the pictures of the grommets, the grommet on the left is the original, and the grommet on the right is the replacement you found.



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