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HI, I am really NEW!


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Hi all you Znuts,

I am brand new!

I have never seen a Z-yes I have, yesterday when Daddy brought me home from the hospital-but dang it, he drove me home in a Dodge trYUCK! After we for home he took me out in the garage and let me grunt around in the newly bed linered floors of hi-er my Z!

He told me about entering this car in the show at Daytona, and I told him that if he didn't get it done a month before the show I would make diapers he couldn't believe. He laughed and told me SBlake had introduced him to a can that took care of diapers-I guess I am new to all of this, but...

I tried to get my brother Thomas to sit in the picture with me, but he wouldn't wear the Tan Z hat(something about washing out his complexion) and kept trying to take my Black hat-That silly Thomas hasn't figured out yet that he got the brawn, and I got the brains(Mommy and Daddy feed, carry me around and change me-bro only gets changed-sucker!

Any way, When Daddy can get into the gallery he will post a better pic for the front page, but until then, I will keep reminding him with soiled diapers to keep trying and get to work on the Z!

Tristan-PS If I mispelled anything I am three days and two hour old, its, not like I have had a lot of time to catch up to where you guys are-well, most of you!


PS, Daddy says you should all get a hat and a club CD, or I should send you a DNA/toxic waste sample in a diaper!


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Hi Tristan, welcome to the world! And, welcome to the club! I feel rather confident in saying that you have a little Z in your blood.

There may come a time in your life where you will be tempted by a Ford, Chevy or Mopar. But trust in the Way of the Z and all will be fine. With your father to guide you, the way will be clear.

On a more practical note, a college fund would be nice, be sure to take the matter up with your folks. And while you're at it, make sure your dad starts contributing to your Z car fund. That would be even nicer.

Congratulations, Will!

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Do you thnk your Z will still be running when he's ready to drive it? Duh, yeah it'll be around probably, but it'll be about 50 years old by then...

It'll probably run on electricity made from all those recycled diapers, as in 1.2 Gigawatts, and the Mr. Fusion...

nice hatt.

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Thanks for the kind words and thoughts!

Momma and son number two are doing well, and Thomas is well on the road to being a great and helpfull big brother.


I have been threatened with everything from bodily harm, ("I'll beat you like a stuck spindle pin", "polish your insides with a reverse flow of your own natural media(Do a search fo natural blast media-it is too painful to revisit!), and being "forceably derusted in a vat of something ugly") to never hearing the end of it if this car isn't ready for a healthy score at Daytona-and that is just from the Members here! With that type of "encouragement" do you think there is any chance I would not have the car complete and there? The car will be there, finished and beautiful!

Ed, We will see what car Tristan gets on about when HE gets closer to one-that is how old Thomas was when he laid claim on the Roadster.

Tomohawk-the Z will still be pristine, unless someone takes it out with an accident, I mean the rust no longer has a chance! The car will probably run on methane-something we all contribute to making every day!

Paul, thanks for the invite-if I can get a respite from diaper duty, I'll be there!

Momma is still pretty sore-she had an operation shortly after she gave birth. Though she is recovering nicely at home, she is expected to spend a three to four of weeks with quite limited mobility and a good bit of discomfort. Fortunately she was blessed with a 23 minute labor culminating in a natural delivery and are blessed with family that understands the true nature of actually helping!


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Will, Congratulations on the new member! Now you have the perfect excuse to get yourself a 2+2 Zed since that rear seat is only fit for use by very small people...

Tristan-unless you help your dad out by cutting down on the diaper usage, odds are that he won't finish that car until you are old enough to drive. Welcome to the world, little one.

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