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Yet another eBay scam?


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True, stay away from anybody selling a car with ZERO feedback. Small, low-cost items aren't that risky, but, a higher-dollar item is too much risk.

Then again, you never know... perhaps it's somebody who never used ebay in the past ? :D

EDIT: After looking at the car dealers site, I seriously doubt they just signed up. Nice find guys. Someone would have to run out there and take a look at the car before committing to an auction.

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Yeah, the auction makes it sound like he's a private party, and that the car is located in Virginia. The other ads (as well as the pictures) have the same car on a dealer lot in California. That is exactly why I posted the question here, in hopes that someone might have seen the car advertised somewhere else.

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From what's been presented, I would agree that it is a scam by someone trying to phish some money out of an unsuspecting Z-Car lover.

This goes to show the value of a "watermark" on the pictures in the original Ad, as I'm sure this would have made it much more difficult to pull off the scam.

This also ties in Onuthin's post regarding ethics.


That post shows that there is a valid reason for people to peruse and even caution others about questionable and outright fraudulent ads. Especially when it can be noted that they are scams, as this one certainly needs to be.

However, with regards to Onuthin's ethics post, and I'll just mention it here, the experience and knowledge of whomever would be out inspecting cars for sale would be a key indicator as to how much weight to assign a negative condition report. This thread is more about the duplicate and false e-bay auction.


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anyone google the name? i'm new and noticed this before i subscribed. googled it and the first two links are ebay and this... http://www.oldride.com/classic_cars/519443.html?&CS

I think this is the real owner. seems to know the car better. I think the scammer excluded any mention of scarab because he couldn't tell anyone what it ment. I was looking at this car for 3 days... almost bought it actually.

to the person who lives close...ask him for the adress. bet he wont email back. he has restricted bidding so he can exclude anyone who leaves close enough to come see the car.

-Nick Meyer

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