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  1. So tell me what you did about the rust in the gas flap area? Mine has got it too, and its probably the part that worries me the most.
  2. Hmm, on his "Products" page the 280Z frame rails look to be complete to me. Do my eyes fool me? I guess its hard to tell without some size reference, but they look pretty long I think.
  3. As much as getting parts from MSA would be great, I simply can't afford them right now. I've barely got enough $$ to put gas in the car much less spend $400 on rails at the moment. If the Bad Dog rails are quality for under $200 then I can't see why not. Thanks for the input guys. What all tools would you say are necessary for replacement? Angle grinder, welder, etc?
  4. So after being forced to park my Z outside for a good portion of this past year (long story) I realized the weather has not been kind to my car. Aside from surface rust getting worse by the day, I've also discovered yesterday my frame rails are rotted out pretty well. After crying for a little white, i've decided I should start looking at my options for getting this fixed before my car snaps in half. One solution I've found as Bad Dog parts. Anyone used these before? They look like quality parts, but I'd like to know how the transaction was, and what the craftsmanship is like. I'm really open to any suggestions.
  5. Hrududu

    Oldest Z

    Looks better than mine does !
  6. Chances are good you're already done, but i found the easiest way to get the fuel rails out of the way was to remove all the bolts holding it down, and then cut the hoses that connect the injector to the rail. Its a bit of a PITA to replace them, but I figure its easier than removing the injectors.
  7. Thats one worry I have about getting mine painted. I'm super paranoid about it now, and it looks like crap. I can't imagine how it would be if I actually had nice paint on it.
  8. Its a pretty good one. I was reading that it was aired only once. They list a couple 300ZX commercials here
  9. Just in case someone needs a direct link. Follow The Nissan Z
  10. This is just a warning to everyone in CA who might be looking to get some inexpensive body work done. Avoid this shop, and warn anyone you know about it! This isn't even the first car he's destroyed. I know most of you know better and only do the best for your Z, but you never know. Be warned, the pictures in this link may haunt you for a while. 350Z disaster
  11. Cool. I actually bought my Z from a dealership on Seneca too. Must be where the Wichita Datsuns end up.
  12. Wow, I don't know how I missed seeing that one. I guess I haven't looked in the paper much lately. Sounds pretty cool though. Where in Wichita was it?
  13. I range anywhere between 18-23mpg in my 77 running 91. I think when I changed my head gasket, it raised the compression because I can't run 87 without it pinging anymore. I figure if I drove it a little nicer I could do better, but this car isn't meant to be driven nice ;-). I am kinda dissapointed that such a small I6 motor can't do much better than 23mpg. That kinda sucks.
  14. It does just look like a cheap body kit. They should have made it a 380Z. That sounds a little better, but dang those looks are terrible.
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