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Dash Repair Process/Pictures


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as a follow on: -

After having his dash re-done, my son asked the trimmer what product to use to keep it in A1 condition.

Answer: - NONE. Just wipe it over with a damp cloth to remove to dust, THAT IS ALL FOLKS!

So he has done exactly that with no problems.

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Well Bruce... I don't know how I missed this one the first time around but, Dude! That looks awesome!!! I'm not really interested in a cap myself, so this looks like the perfect alternative until I decide to have the dash redone. Please keep us informed on this Summers evil doings. Thanks.


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I am using a cap right now, and I am happy with that, as my toy is for track day fun. I have a question, I plan to cut one or maybe two holes in the dash under the cap, to have esay access to the tach, speedo and gauges. Is there anything wired on those parts of the dash that would prevent me of using my DREMEL to cut in the meat with the dash in the car?????

Lazy Boomer

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Hi guys, new to this forum i did a similar dash resto like Bruce

For guys from Australia check these forums for details on localy available materials:



Pitty that i havent seen this post prior doing mine. could have saved bit more time on experimentation. but like Bruce i was amazed how well it came out.

though my texture is more similar to modern car like suade leather finish

sure beats paying $500+ for a resto.

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Great job! I would never have thought of all that, and for the money, that's a good price. I have to fix cracks in my dash that the previous owner put padded upholstery over, which makes no sense, but I'd like do to do a fix like that like that from under. Thanks for the thread, very helpful.

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Just wanted to post my results repairing a spare dash I had around using the method described here. I am quite pleased with the results. Hopefully I'll get around to getting it in a car soon and see how it holds up in the Gulf Coast heat.





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