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  1. Hope to see it soon - of course with subtitles.
  2. Tire wear will most likely increase on welded diff. Why not buy an extra diff and install it with an LSD.
  3. try to check the timing. I did encounter the same problem and was solved by a timing light. might help.
  4. it seems that I do have the same problem. When no oil is present you can move them freely and when filled up, they won't move at the same time, the other carb being slow than the other. it is like the oil is dampening too much even though I put the right amount. I use 10wt oil. Hoping for your further inputs. Thanks.
  5. 4 bbls are too rich in mixture.
  6. Hi sIR, The blue one goes to the vacuum advance on the DIZZY. However, I'm not sure on the green one. Hope this helps.
  7. Hi Sir, Nice to be in this forum. I have pictures of my 240z, just click on the signature. Thanks.
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