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  1. Just a thought, if some of you have a facebook account, please go and like our page. http://www.facebook....334472256596598
  2. HI all, I am an all time Z fan and started posting on this forum with a modem and a 512k connection So please do not think I am here to abuse of this forum for personal advertising. I have been busy on this concept for 2 years now, and this is the 1.0 version or MK2 for us car lovers! It is so simple that it had to be invented! BeeMyGuest vous propose des vacances et weekend pas chers autour de votre passion This is really an opportunity to share our love of cars, bikes, planes, football, baseball, whatever... It's not a motel's cheap alternative nor a low-cost option for your next vacation. It's to start a real network of reliables crash spots for enthusiasts. You don't have to go over to Europe to enjoy it! You can use it for X-America trips. Let say you want to go to the Indy 500, wouldn't it be better to go with a real Indyan, and let him share it's love of his city and show you around Indianapolis like you never could do on your own? The sole commitment would be to invite him back to say sunny California where you're from and go together to Laguna Seca for a vintage race!!!! Please help me building this network, it will be profitable for all of us, gearheads! Or at leas share your comments with me to refine even more my site! And above all share the link... the more we are, the pore nice places we will have to enjoy! Boomer
  3. Hi, I need the plenum with the wastegate, just this part so if you have an old 280zx turbo around... Fred For some strange reason I cannot post on the WTB Forum?
  4. Caen Fred

    240z in Europe

    Denmark is south... of scandinavia :stupid:
  5. Caen Fred

    240z in Europe

    Hi Adam... are you a French cousin or Her Majesty's one www.Mobile.de www.autoscout24.de I have a spare auto box for free if you ever need it. If you get too bored up there... go south for the summer, sun is over here for sure!
  6. May I step in here? I am using a SU TBI system with my car. And Have an F54/p90 (-2mm) header, etc. My needle is always on the 2/3 of the gauge. For my FI system I had t install few sensors. I can monitor them with my laptop... Big difference between my gauge and my screen. I trust my laptop and I will change my gauge, one day Check your gauge
  7. How do you read that? "the timing for that cam is 104 deg full lift inlet valve" Is that 104° before TDC? Thanks
  8. I bought it from RS-START in Japan and had it shipped to me by a friend over there. The expensive part was the shipping. Can't remember how much it was 18 month ago
  9. I hope it's not too late, you may have other options than the Spook It's a JDM spoiler from RS-Start
  10. In Belgium, the Miroux have raced at the 24H of Spa with a 2+2 in the 70' Not worse thant a Capri
  11. I will follow Alan's advice... I just hope those tyres are with us for a long time... I will post picts ASAP and will let you know how they handle, first Hillclimb in May
  12. That would be easier for sure! I want to keep the Wata... and I drive to car the track
  13. Still don't know if 185/70r14 with race compound (small width but stiff and right size sidewall) is better than a Toyo 888 in 225/50r14 (larger width but too short sidewall)...
  14. He recommend AVON CR6ZZ in 185/70R-14
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