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Buyer Beware!


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Hey Guys,

So I thought I was buying a very nice 1972 240 clean car!

Ebay - is the right place for people to sell there $^!#!

This is the add that was posted..

This 72 240Z is in near original condition and almost completely refurbished. The engine was completely rebuilt in 1989 and has about 20,000 miles since rebuild. The engine runs strong with no unusual noises, it burns no oil. A complete refurbishing was started in 1999. The engine and transmission were removed, all glass removed, rear trunk deck removed and the entire car repainted inside and out using PPG Concept paint in the original Datsun Red/Orange color. A new clutch was installed when re-installing the engine and transmission. All new rubber seals were installed and are still perfect. All new door panels (original Datsun NOS (new old stock)), new Datsun NOS dash (not an overlay - this is the complete dash), original Datsun steering wheel, NOS Datsun horn button, new carpet, NOS choke lever, NOS Datsun center dash panel, NOS Datsun fuse access cover and fuse panel cover, the interior, except for the seats, is 100% original and like near new condition. The seats are aftermarket very similar to Recarro and are very comfortable. Seat belts do not work. A new starter, rebuilt alternator, new voltage regulator, new fuel filter, air filter and new fuel pump were installed. The stock ignition was converted to Crane optical ignition - the original distributor is with the car so you can convert back if you want 100% original. The exhaust headers were changed to Monza, three two into one. The smog pump has been removed. The carburetors have been rebuilt and balanced and a unisyn comes with the car. All hoses and belts have been changed and are new. The rack and pinion was rebuilt, new tie rod ends installed, new torque arm bushings installed, new sway bar bushings, new front struts front brake calipers rebuilt and new rotors and pads. A new clutch master cylinder, slave cylinder and a new brake vacuum servo was installed. All rear suspension bushings and struts were replaced, brake wheel cylinders rebuilt and new brake linings installed, the drums were turned. The tires are almost new - less than 1000 miles since new and are Symptom 215 60 R14's, much wider and lower profile, they greatly improve the appearance of the car. They also induce speedometer error, at 50MPH the speed reads 55MPH. The wheels are stock Datsun mag wheels and are in very good condition. Halogen driving lights have been mounted behind the grill and are almost invisible but illuminate well. This car does not have air conditioning but can be added with a custom unit designed exclusively for the 240Z for about $1000. There are some problem areas - the windshield wipers work only on high speed (this may be a lack of use problem and may well fix itself) and the clock does not work. There is a scratch on the right lower front fender panel and small rust blisters in 4 locations, near the hatch lock, under the Datsun logo on the front left fender, on the hood near the windshields cowling and on the windshield cowling. If you look carefully at the photos you can see. The car comes with 2/3 of a gallon of original PPG paint so these are easy to fix as they are all very small, about the size of a quarter. There is also minor rust on the rear center bumper bar.

On a scale of 1 to 10, this car is a very solid 9, very near original, with many original NOS Datsun parts that can no longer be found. This is too nice a car to be used as a daily driver, this is a good basic car for a collection piece.

So after getting the car home took a good look and was a little disappointed in the overall shape of the car.

I re listed it on ebay with the same ad - got 1500 hits in 12 hours met my reserve in 2 hours.. got all my money back! but kept on looking at the shape of the floors - put the car up in the air and realized i could not sell this car with the ad that it was posted with. So canceled the listing off of Ebay.

I want to know how this guy got the fiberglass to stick to the bottom(underside) of the car.

I do own a body shop so it does make it easy for me to fix. Did not want to get into a full resto project but it looks like I am!

I have been taking lots of pictures. not quite sure how to get them in the gallery?





Sorry just had to vent!

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Sorry to hear that this happened--getting screwed over a Z is an awful feeling. It has happened to me as well (a long long time ago and not with my current 72).

Just curious--how much did you pay for it?

I might purchase a car on ebay without completely going through checking it out in person before I bought it IF it was being for for $1000 or less.

I guess I went through the buyer beware stuff when I was 15-17 years old and have a hard time with thinking about buying anything off of ebay that is more expensive than a couple of hundred dollars, or if it is more expensive, something like the tokico's that cost 500 but from a very reputable seller that has sold lots of items on there.

The ad description, beyond saying 'very near original and could be collectors condition" it never really says anything about the floors so maybe the seller thought if the floors were hidden with fiberglass that no one would see it.

What happened when you discussed this stuff with the PO?

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I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada this car was listed in FL. By the time i got the car home i have almost $5000.00 in it. I did expect a little work around the battery tray. and the PO did tell me he had a few little holes in the floor repaired.But...

Anyways the car will look like new for next spring..

Like i said sorry just had to vent..


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The guy definitely should have mentioned the rusty floors, and now you know that next time that should be the first question to ask....

Stinks, though, to get that far into a deal and then realize that you've got a much larger project on your hands than you ever anticipated. The only positive, I guess, is that - if the guy was being truthful in the ad - a lot of the restoration stuff has been done....if you get those floors taken care of, you should have a nice solid car.

Good luck with it, and let us know how it goes.

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Similar to a reportedly low mileage '72 240Z I looked at in West Palm Beach, Fla about 2 years ago. It had white interior but had major issues at that time. Love that AC Cobra ...... didn't think they adapted well to the Canadian winter ....... it would be much happier in my garage which stays warm all year.

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Hey, Sorry to hear that. I was looking forward to hearing a positive story when you got back. If you own a body shop, at least you know you'll get the floors done right!

Hopefully after that you'll have a better car for the money than you could have got here anyways.


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Other than the floorpans, it really looks to be a very nice car. Since you own a body shop, it shouldn't cost very much to replace the pans. Heck, I would say that for $5,000.00 you actually got a good deal.....once the pans are replaced, the car is probably going to be worth quite a bit more than what you have in it! :classic:

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I've got a good one for you. Just helped another member install some floor pans. He mentioned that we might be able to get around to the battery tray area and after one look I decided that it would be better for another day.

A fair amount firewall area on the inner fenderwell side had been duct taped and sprayed with undercoating. This would have been an easy fix if we had time to get the dash and A/C out. At least we got the new pans in. They were equally as bad in a few places.

Ugh! The things some people pass on to the next guy.

Your Z looks great though. As mentioned above, you still got a good deal.

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I had the same thing happen when I bought my '73, but I only paid $700.00. I have over 5k into her now and I am not finished. The floor pans and the drivers door were completely gone. No issues with firewall.

Is the cobra in you photo an original or a kit? I am interested in building a kit cobra, but I am not sure if I would fit into the car.

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Hey Guys, thanks for the positive feedback.. in no way did i think i did not get a deal..I was hoping for a Great car and i got an average car...But i did only buy it for $4000.00 US. After exchange and shipping around $5000.00 Canadian.

Started ripping it apart on the weekend.. realized it will need more work then i expected. Hey I'm into it now.

I am hoping to have it painted by early spring so i can play with it this summer.

Unfortunately the cobra is put away for the winter.. might have it shipped down to FLA as my brother wants to sell it down there.

Ramses, it is a kit. it is a Factory Five Racing (FFR) Cobra, I built it 4 years ago. it has a 289 pushing about 320 hp.. trust me when i say its enough. Car is 1900 pound go-kart, Fun to drive, You would have to be really big not to fit in it.. buddy of mine is well over 6' and he can drive it.. so i don't think it would be an issue.

I must say that there is a sea of knowledge here so may great answers to so many questions..


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I know you didn't get quite what you bargained for but it still sounds like you got a pretty good deal considering the selection of cars on that side of the US. Time to break out sawz'all, the nibbler,the welder and get to work. :) Don't forget to post some pics for us auto body noobs.

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  • 1 month later...

Well i have taken the car apart.. and WOW! is this thing not what i expected..

so i'm almost done all the welding.. put in the new floor pans,rebuilt the firewall around the battery tray, and bottom of both quarter panel dog legs.. and the just small patches all over.. well now the fun stuff happens.. fittinf the new sheet metal. and plastic work..

Here are a few pics so far..

Oh ya I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!

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Yes, where are the pictures?

Although I'm biased, you have got to love that Datsun Red!!!!! (red 110)...

I always thought it was a different shade of orange...or is that how your avatar picture came out, and it is the normal orange?

I'm glad to hear that you've got a lot of the work done!! Besides the stuff you are doing, hopefully all of the other descriptions that the PO said in his ad were more or less true, because with the welding word, and repaint, you have a real nice Z.....I wish mine was in that condition, to tell you the truth.

Have a Merry Christmas!! Screw Seasons Greetings.

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  • 2 weeks later...

i hear your pain....I just coughed up $3500 for a '73 240 with a V8 conversion because the guy told me that the 327 in it was rebuilt 500 miles before it was parked....in '86. he even showed my receipts for the engine parts. I tore the engine out as soon as I got home with it to clean it up, and the engine has at least 100K on.....its toast, the block, the heads, everything. Machined to the limit and well worn from there. The only reason I paid this much for it was because I thought I was getting a fresh 327. It happens. Fortunately, I live about 5 miles from the seller and plan on paying him a visit this week, you are not so lucky.

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lbhsbz, Sorry to here about your purchase. it sucks when people lie to you.. But Hey live and learn. as for my car, maybe i am being to critical. I see what alot of people are rebuilding and when I re look mine i figure its not in that bad of shape for a 35 year old car that has no primer in the hidden spots..

Hope you can come to some agreement with the PO...Good luck..

keep me posted on how the 327 works in the car as i was thinking about doing that..


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It says a lot for you removing the car from Ebay even though you new you could make a profit. I have bought sold a few cars on Ebay over the years and have found that for the most part people don't outright lie but just omit details that will hurt the price. I have found that using a local club member to inspect a car usually will get you the best description. Sounds like you still got a pretty good deal. Post some photos of your restoration progress if you get a chance.


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