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  1. oops I was wrong...it is a '76
  2. Woo Hoo. Mine still works, except for 1 line
  3. Hey, I am getting a '75 on Friday. It just kind of fell in my lap. A friend got a divorce and lost his garage. He will be using mine...actually I am paying $700.00 for her. I have known her since 1997. The owner basically bought her, drove her around a bit and parked her outside, covered in Houston for about 5 years. This is what has happened to her since: Surface rust around fender wells. One hole in passenger floor board, about the size of a marble. Weathered paint. Mold throughout the interior. Has not been started since 2002. Not stored properly. Basically, in order for her to become decent, like her new sister, I have to strip her down completely, again like her sister. The unfortunate part, I am currently working on my house. 1/3 is stripped down to the studs. Aside from draining the fluids, what would you guys do to store her till I get an opportunity to strip her? When I get her I will post some pics as to her condition. Thanks for you input. Chuck
  4. Does your manual choke work? I cant get my car to start unless I use my choke. Actually, it would not start without starting fluid until I fixed my choke. I have SUs with a manual fuel pump and the electric fuel pump disconnected.
  5. Dave, How did you get your lights to be so bright? Everything looks beautiful. For the life of me I can not get my lights to be that bright. Chuck
  6. Ramses

    Dead Dome Light

    Have you tried pushing the actual light? You know there is a switch in the light on a 240. I am not sure about the 280.
  7. Thanks to all. I have been looking for one of these cars, not too seriously, for about a year. I have finished my z and would like a new project. Thanks for the info on 311.org. Have a great day.
  8. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1967-Datsun-Roadster-1600_W0QQitemZ160184589486QQihZ006QQcategoryZ6188QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem I know this forum does not pertain to these cars, but a few of you do or have own them. Is this a good example? Chuck
  9. Thanks for the corrections E. Oops.
  10. Ramses

    My lights suck.

    If your wiring harnesses are in as bad as shape as mine were. Do not drive the car. Do not turn anything electrical on. Pull the wiring harnesses and fix or replace the wires as needed. I had to unravel all 3 of mine along with 3 others and merge them together to get one that was not cut in a million places. It is amazing what people will do in order to get an older car to run, without spending any money. I found speaker wire powering my front headlights. Sad, Sad Sad.
  11. Try doing what I did. Strip everything and I mean everything off of the car. Tow it to the shop that has a garage in the back with the owner doing some of his own restoration projects. Tell him you will leave the car for a long while if he would work on it when he is slow. When the shop guys start to work on it, buy them beer for when they have finished their day. Stop by and get to know the guys working on your car and maybe after a year and a half in the shop you will get the quality of paint and body work that I did for $1500.00 excluding paint and parts. Oh and hopefully they will allow you to start to put the parts in the car when they are getting close so you can drive it home when they are finished.
  12. The '73 does not have fuseable links.
  13. Try checking the connections inside the plug to the voltage regulator. The same thing happened to me and I could not figure it out. I had to put the car on a trickle charger every night and sometimes she would die while out driving at night. One of the tongs in the voltage regulator was missing and the charge was not going through to the battery, but everything else was working properly. Just a suggestion. I also have a '73 born on October '72.
  14. I have been lurking around for a bit and I thought I would reply to this. Oregon, I purchased my z on Ebay, put a bid on it while drunk and eventually won. Fortunately I only paid $500.00 for her and I got what I thought was a running, minimal rust 240z. What it turned out to be was something that was infested with rust, after I removed the tar-mat. I could see holes up to the size of a basketball in the floors, rust under the battery tray, the dog-legs and the rear hatch panel. I used a repair sheet metal kit from MSA to replace the floors and rear hatch panel. The rest I used scrap sheet metal which was welded in. After about 5 years, I am very happy with my baby and it gets a lot of compliments. The rust areas were bigger than the repair panels so I had to use sheet metal to patch the remaining holes. I have attached pics. If you notice, I purchased the less expensive repair panels that do not have the drain holes in them. I should of spent the extra money and done it right, but you do live and learn. Good luck with your z and be ready to spend some money, I have over 9k into her now and it still needs work. I did not replace the tar-mat with anything and the car is very noisy, so be careful.
  15. Posted gallery waiting approval here is a link. Thanks for the kind words. http://www.classiczcars.com/photopost/showgallery.php?cat=3449
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