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ken mary wagon?


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Bugly or Fugly - take your choice!

The only one I have seen was way back in '74 or '75 - short C110 chassis with four cylinder, live rear axle and the rear of the body looked like someone started to do a panel van (or panel truck) and then got confused.

Got a photo somewhere.

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Ahh Mikey! You put my thoughts into pictures! It's not so far fetched either. A mate in South Australia is planning on giving the 6 cylinder GT treatment to an S50 series 1500cc Prince Skyway wagon. I'm suprised I haven't seen this done to later wagon and van variants of the Skyline. Doesn't mean it hasn't been though.Take the Prince Skyline GT. Started life as an S50 series 1500cc sedan. 1963-4 Mr Shinichiro Sakurai (The driving force behind the Skyline development) and his crew grabbed the 2 litre G7 ohc six out of the S40 series Prince "Gloria" family sized sedan, added about 8 inches to the front of the 1500cc sedan, stuck the bigger engine and drivetrain in and you got the 1964 Japanese equivalent of "the Muscle Car".

An interesting but largely neglected fact about the first S54 racing versions (see the popular blue number "39" and white "41") at the 1964 Japan GP is these were GTA's running the single carbied versions of the G7!! The triple webered cars or GTB's were yet to come!

Sorry! wandered off a bit there LOL ...So, how about it, anybody game for a C110 GT-R panelvan?? Maybe some photochop impressions?

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i'll 2nd that emotion

the skyline wagons have an inherent defect of proportions (aka short wheel base)

the pinnacle of grotesque styling was acheived with the c110, but the c210 is a close runner up

it wasn't until the r31 that the wagon had any semblence of decency

the finest retro wagon's got to be the 230:


resembles the detroit wagons of that era

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