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  1. found this up in the attic of an old tuning shop. never seen one before! btw anybody got 1qty 60 pilot jet they don't need?
  2. gotta deadthread props for the best tuning tip ^ i could find on google
  3. a friend sent this to me thinking it was my old car. it's not airlifted to london for the annual occupation of exotics
  4. no bites? is this a repost or something? bad title? oh well :disappoin it's an rb30e head & custom valve cover! (note spark plugs location and other differences) a shop in japan is selling a kit to get the LY xflow look on your l-series actual LY's:
  5. the blue kenmeri belongs to my friend now. it is not a clone. it looks just like it did at jccs '06 (but 5 years older). no drivetrain atm, but we'll try to get it together for jccs '11 which will supposedly have a kenmeri tribute http://www.japaneseclassiccarshow.com/gallery/2006/jccs06-jdm0000.jpg btw, the blue race car was shipped back to japan soon after jccs '07
  6. there's so many kens now i'm getting them mixed up. i thought chris sold his to norcal. when i asked he never responded
  7. dang i had a feeling somebody was gonna flag that youtube vid in short: d1ck avery was a young designer who worked at ford in the 1960's mr. avery claims he first penned the z concept (although it wasn't called the z at the time) but when mr. k and other nissan execs toured the ford design studio, all the materials and sketches were removed and the mr. avery was simply told the z concept had been shelved a few years later he sees the first 240z car on the road and says "wow! that's the car i designed"
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdtAwYUAqpc (apologies if there's already a thread on this)
  9. the s20 is breathtaking to say the least. that's a great memory, and it may be my only chance behind the wheel. thx a! most guys i know here in the states build 3.0's or strokers, but i've always wondered what a built l24 would be like. hearken back to the bre z, i imagine
  10. nooooo! you haven't even brought it to jccs
  11. too late mates. seller tells me car was sold outside ebay to a "collector" in kuwait
  12. resurrection time ... if kent is still around? ... hey kent, does the r31/z32 combo require positive offset wheels? i ask because here 510 guys run s12/z32 combo, and that requires positive offset wheels
  13. matt, i would like the right front (driver's side) and the rear glass. i also could use the front grill surrounds and the rear as well. (all parts from 2dr ht). pm prices and your contact info for pickup. thx! -mat
  14. fyi, i could give you the contact info for people selling lhd gc110's, but it wouldn't do you any good since they wouldn't sell them to you
  15. so why didn't you paint it the tangerine flake?
  16. Matt, please fill in your location. Thx, -Mat
  17. jim, lach's got most of the glass mikey needs, but i am interested in the front l&r side glass. let me know or pm please? thx! lach: contact me about shipping mikey's glass
  18. well, it's been a little over a year, and i've decided that the seats do sit too high and at too much of an angle :lick i'm redoing the tranny tunnel, so i decided to cut off and remove the oem seat bracket mounts and remount the seats closer to the floor a year ago, i would've sworn off any such mod, but the direction of this project has changed a bit
  19. bummer. bizarre. i mean, how many people really know the difference (or care), especially years back when (or whenever) he did the deed? and it's not like he made big money selling it as a gt-r :stupid:
  20. lachlan, reading this for the 1st time, i noticed the "large hat" aka big hat pic http://tinyurl.com/229g62
  21. great to see the kenmeri wave is gaining momentum. maybe that kareem guy with the black primered kenmeri 2dr will show up @ jccs? so they'll be at least two of them. mine won't be there unfortunately, but in '08, we can have all of ours together and maybe even brian's if he's inclined. time to start showing off these beauties as a lot of people are sick of the same old z's and 510's
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