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  1. approxiamtely 6000 km trip ( very long ) many enthusiasts are dioing this.
  2. I bought 4 types from the DATSUN dealer 27630-S2112 , model SWP 123 2 AB ( inner base length 102 mm ) 27630-N4202 , model SWP 123 4 GB ( inner base lengh 85 mm ) 27630-Q0100 , model MJ 123 4 BA ( inner base lengh 85 mm ) 27630-Q1491 , model SWP 167 4 T ( inner base lengh 85 mm ) wanna share the photo , and know which is for the 240K N4202 left and Q0100 right info plates this is the Q1401 all the above three has 85 mm inner base length this is the S2112 which I doupt that it is the one has 102 mm inner base length hope that u know all the model
  3. nos , square not round 100$ each , I have two , also I have the lens only for 30$ each I have about 10 pcs shipping to Aus or Jap takse 8 to 10 days and costs 50$ I also have the lamp for the Gt , but I sold yesterday thanks u can contact me on WhatsApp 00966506814859
  4. nos ( no reproduction ) part # 80563 68101 It is in the store about 35 y or more , I found them ( more than one ) with a man who insists that this is for the 240K , but he is not sure for the C110 or the C210 price is 65$ , shipping to Aus costs 50$ , shipping one is same like shipping 10 happy to get comments from the experts mob 00966506814859 saudi arabia ( whatsApp )
  5. for the first generation ( 78 - 79 ) , stamped 5038 25$ / pair for the second edition ( 80 - 81 ) , stamped 5002 25$ / pair shipping to AUS costs 45$ , shipping 10 pairs costs the same
  6. what ever will fit smoothly will be OK, but it must be chrome plated ( not black ) as to shine and to maintain the classic look of the 240K try datsun ( 610 810 ) and if possible u have the C130 in Aus, cause it is the nearest to the C110.
  7. I asked him about that, he said yeah its a 280zx comp, due to the low pressure of the original ( 1973 240k ), I put that to get more pressure you are absolutely right, but if this car is for me , Ill keep the stock one ( original ) even if it is not working at all , and Ill use the car in winter only cause I like the stock shape deaply
  8. I told him to remove the front electric fan, as well as to change the color of the starter ( black ) the starter as what we saw in the old broshures ( gold and gray ) we recieved the 1973 ( AC ) do u mean a different shape of comp. was thier ? thank u for ur positive comments.
  9. this is one of my freinds, pay 550$ to give a stock look to the engine bay the 550 includes 1 - sandblasting the bay, engine ( after removing the engine outside ) 2 - tightening the bolts ( reparing the leakages ) 3 - thermal blue quoting for the cylinder , and polishing the head 4 - rearranging the AC and the brake tubes, as per the parts manual and polishing them. 5 - guiding you what ur bay missing ( if u dont know ) 6 - gold and silver galvanizing, and some chrome plating spare parts is not included, time is one week in the shop , actaul work is about 20 hours.
  10. the datsun 610 shares the C110 in many parts, vaccum booster, master cylinder, rear brake shoe and rear wheel cylinder , minor differences only 7/8 or 13/16 tube sizes. the C130 shares the C110 the front double pistons sumitomo caliper and pad
  11. same like with me, unf. I sold them all , I am realy crying now, why did I sale them. btw, how old is he ? and do he knows about our forum ? look how much we like the 240k
  12. we r facing this problem also, what they nedd is 1 - soft sandblasting (not HP otherwise may penetrate them ) 2 - galvanizing or primered 3 - painting this can be applicable to the illumination lens metal cover also the lens need to be replaced cause they are plastic, unf. they r not glass the heat of the yellow bulb ( 75 C ) destroy them keeping an old car and sitting in a coast ( near to see ) area, make the personal small sandblasting machine compolsory to be in your w. shop
  13. congratulation, !!! hear we can't buy the 7 meters wooden cover ( LH ) for that price ! solid body and firm interior
  14. if I have that !!!! I will not allow the sun to locate it ! great car
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