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  1. I think its 1170kg, but im not certain. Have a look on the vin plate
  2. Hmm, those figures are on the original vin plate. I believe its 130bhp (sae) at around 5800rpm (not 100 percent on the rpm). Cant recall the quoted torque figure though. Ill have a look tonight
  3. Hm, looking back i dunno where i got that from. Anyway, how much did you get for it, may i ask? Apologies for the hijack
  4. I know ive been outta this game for some time, but what happened to your c110 alfa - you sold it because it was broken or the new owner broke it? Seriously, itd be a crying shame if that car was indefinitely off the road... Who here is still driving their c110 regularly? Mine has been up on ramps since nov. last year.
  5. Hey all, Im heading to japan in early july, and was interested in catching some motorsport and history, or perhaps a combination. Im heading to Tokyo for the first week, and the Kansai region for the remaining three and a half. I was particularily keen to have a look at the nismo museum and any other worthwhile motorsport/historical events. Any reccomendations or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, motorsport related or not :rambo: Tom
  6. This cars been for sale for some time. Could it be a feasible option for someone interested from the states?
  7. Damn Lachlan... I never thought it would come to this, i think your car has inspired every one of the c110 owners on this forum. I just couldnt bear to think what will happen to it if sold. Employment is fine and dandy, but at the end of the day, your job will never love you as much as the c110 has... Sell it if you must.
  8. Excellent some parts going in perth! Ill phone you shortly...
  9. Just out of interest, was this c110 (c111) known about in the usa prior to this auction. Regardless its quite a nice car, i hope it stays in the family
  10. Cheers craig, thanks for the offers guys, I live in leederville - was probably on my way home from a mates place. Not doing anything too stupid was I? It was the gawd dang gearbox in the end. I drained the diff sump first, finding nothing and still an ample quantity of oil. The gearbox gave me a nice little surprise in the form of a snapped 'C' shaped clamp - something integral i guess, as its made of a strengthened metal.The 'K'll be out of commission for a bit... Tom
  11. By the sound of the clunking and grinding going on behind me on my last journey, and the fairly large amount of play I've been experiencing in the driveline for the past six months, i belive my diff is shagged :dead: Does anyone have a spare r180 in decent condition that i could reimburse them for? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Tom
  12. I cant help but feel an avalanche of loss when i hear of 'our' cars being shipped out of the country to various parts of the world. It just seems tragic, given theres very few left anyway...bloody 510 owners. By all means go ahead, but the c110 is only going to get rarer and rarer. Just my honest opinion. Tom
  13. Is there not a six cyl. wagon variant?
  14. The C110


    New Momo prototipo. They've re-issued them recently in europe and the uk at the gentleman's price of one hundred and twenty pounds! Thats without the boss...
  15. The C110


    Recent shot outside my local spares store
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