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Who can guess what this is?


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Looks like a Rinspeed.... This awesome engineering company in Switzerland. Not 100% sure, but it looks like his type of work.... look the company up in google. They have a car that extends and shortens for parallel parking, and a boat/car.

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Hard to tell, but it does look a lot like it could be a Rinspeed design...but they aren't really big on making cars themselves, which means it would have to be a production car they chopped.

It's certainly "interesting."

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Here is the translation of the text from that Russian site according to Babelfish (its not a great translation):

"Russian srednemotornoye sleeping compartment sky will be accelerated to "hundred" in six seconds. Is such the calculated dynamics of the most powerful version of the automobile, at which now works Moscow firm R.A.D. (Russian automobile design). Company is in earnest intended to organize the small-scale production of machine, its full-scale mock-up already could be seen on the exhibitions OF MIMS-200SHCH and Interavto-200shch. Machine is projected on the basis of series, predominantly domestic, aggregates, which will make it possible to hold its cost in the limits of y2000-yshch000$ with the volume of the production of 500-1000 pieces per year. Sky must interest, for example, those, who buy VENYUKOVSKY FITTINGS PLANT 2108-2112, and then packs into tyuning several of thousand dollars, making from the automobile "rocket" - it is numerous such people. Associating with the potential buyers on the exhibitions, drafters explained that machine away not to acquire and the owners of expensive foreign-produced brands - "for the soul". Sky will be proposed with the engines with power of 94, or 145 horsepower, which with the equipped mass of 850-900 kg will ensure very not bad dynamics. The stylistics of automobile, as we already noted, slightly resembles Opel Speedster: the surface of small curvature, the minimum of itemization, the square "ceiling light shades" of backing lamps. But it does not go about the plagiarism of speech, as a whole the design is original and learned, very successfully found the common format of body with the cowling, "broken in two" in the middle. Frontal and lateral glass they are undertaken from VENYUKOVSKY FITTINGS PLANT 2110, this will make it possible to reduce the cost of production, illumination engineering - Hella. The machine has flat bottom and diffuser in the rear bumper, which must ensure a sufficient tightening force even without the use of anti-wings."


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