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  1. I guess my timing was good. Received mine a week ago. Looks perfect
  2. Not a complaint against the product or the retailer. I was refering to the exchange rate. I think 1 cdn is approx .73 usd today. Im pretty happy to find the replacement. Wish i was south of the boarder when it comes to all things automotive.
  3. Too late for me now. Hes got my money. Holy f—k what a beating on the dollar conversion. Cdn to usd
  4. Im just about to send cash to vintage dashes for new dashpad. Any comments?
  5. No doubt that is an issue for me... having parts on hand. Along the way theres always an item or two that gets ya thinkin “yep better deal with this now while its all apart” then im up against shipping cost/time to eastern canada.. i have one more order on the way, after that shes going together ready or not. Keep posting pics
  6. Glad to hear its running. Gives me hope. ? engine looks great!
  7. Flywheel prepped/installed. Had to lay the header on.... i think something moved.
  8. Yeah, you're quoting my conscience.
  9. I have the rails but i am using the base pan off the old engine. They looked kind of ratty. Im guessing i dont need them. replacement bolts are all the same length.
  10. I have Westar EM-2401. Anyone know the correct bolt size? The threaded receiver is full of paint dont want to strip the thread and bore.
  11. Im seeing a trend here. Oh well, lots of posts with complaints coming, cause theres lots of replacement parts.
  12. Same, cept my car is orange and dirty
  13. Also, they are threaded mounts.
  14. i didnt see any alignment issue (not to say there isnt another issue). Right now my comment is regarding the pilot stud. It is to far from the bolt. I probably should have removed the washers for the picture.
  15. Thats my thought too. All they do is align (I assume (arse of u and me)). Weird not able to say as s as one word here
  16. Pretty displeased today. After a two week wait for parts i got engine mounts and steering bushings that don't fit. Steering bushings came from motorsport and engine mounts came from z source. Managed to get the passenger side bushing in with a couple of hours effort, forced in. Drivers side impossible. Ended up reinstalling the old one back on the drivers side. Aint pretty. The mounts alignment pins are way off. I might grind them down. Even if i get them to fit they are not the same as oem. thoughts?
  17. Looking good. We are doing the same things at the same time. Im waiting on some parts. Cleaning and slapping on paint. Steering rack bushings just arrived.
  18. Cleaning up gear. Still waiting on parts. Started with shown products the polish was not effective. Ended up using mothers aluminum polish. Results look ok in pictures but not amazing inside 5 feet. The cover has history. Any recommendations on cleaning or keeping the finish intact (other than never starting the engine)
  19. Lots of time to tool around. Waiting for parts. Battery tray is pretty ugly but its solid. I have a replacement but ill wait and see. Couple of coats of por and some 918ish looking orange.
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