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  1. Thanks. I suspected as much. Especially for a car that gets driven a half dozen times a year. My question was fairly dumb to start with and as usual with a dumb question it comes to you as soon as you ask for advise.
  2. Looking for some hose to bleed the clutch slave. Found this in a moldy old box in the back of the shed. Pure gold
  3. I thought about that, but the sensor was so easy to remove. One quick haul on a vise grip, unplug and hand loosen. Next time it goes on a ramp ill get the filler plug out and put it back in hand tight.
  4. I should have been posting on this thread for a month. Been something each day. today i finally got a load of mt 90 into the tranny the hard way. Through the reverse sensor opening. installed a new clutch slave and had a go at removing the front bumper (not as simple as one might think) rad tomorrow.
  5. No joy. Filled it through the reverse sensor
  6. All back where its supposed to be. Fluids next, Rad goes in tomorrow. Not sure why i didnt check the tranny filler plug befor installing. Its solid. Pretty frustrating.. any advise ?
  7. You nailed it. Thank you very much. And looking at this fiche diagram stirred my memory. I have this on disc somewhere. Either way, i appreciate your effort, i ever get back to chilliwack ill look you up and supply libations
  8. I should have been more specific. I have a 73 built in july 72 it has a cross member with a bushing on each side. The bolts pass through the bushings. They appear to be around 3.5 inches long.
  9. Hi guys and gals Got my engine and tranny in but lost the mount bolts. Can anyone describe them in a manner that is can describe to a person in a fastener shop ? Thx SB
  10. Slave has a little compression in the fork reciever
  11. New 36 and a fraction old 49
  12. Simplest solution. Cleaned up the old pressure plate, took out the new pressure plate assembly, reinstalled the old one. Perfect... if im not too hungover tomorrow i may install the engine/tranny.
  13. Thanks. Im thinking type b4. I have to take it apart again to measure. Might be the weekend befor i get back to it. i actually have a complete five speed from a zx in my shed. Im thinking there may be a fork/to bearing in it. Havent been in it in months so the snow is blocking the door... canada
  14. Where would a fella find these long sleeves?
  15. Its a 73 made in late 72 , 9/72
  16. $303 ... yikes. Although exchange on the dollar and shipping from California to nfld ...
  17. Well that seems to be a simple solution. Still heavy winter here so i still have a couple of months to get it sorted out. Thats only one issue on the way to roadworthy im sure. thanks for the helpful suggestions
  18. I read the full 5 page thread. It seems to me the clutch kits from zsource may be the culprit issue. Too late and messed up for a return. Any idea where is can source the correct clutch assembly to use original gear/sleeve? Ild be satisfied to pay the additional cost to buy another as long as it works.
  19. I seem to have exactly the same issue
  20. I guess my timing was good. Received mine a week ago. Looks perfect
  21. Not a complaint against the product or the retailer. I was refering to the exchange rate. I think 1 cdn is approx .73 usd today. Im pretty happy to find the replacement. Wish i was south of the boarder when it comes to all things automotive.
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