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Hello! Jani from Finland


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Hey there, I'v had an idea to register here for ages. But now i kicked my self to do it.

Im from the same city as "260z" is. We have few Z's in here I guess 260z has told about them already.

I have a -83 280zx (the 83 model wasn't an option in the selection of "my Z cars" in options for some reason?) Aaaanyway it's been driven 270tkm and has some rust under the floormat, but thats usual in these :)

This one i bought little over a year ago. Drove it last winter with no problems, but for this winter i got another car so i don't have to spank the poor Z in the cold. :P

Im thinking of getting the rust off and repainting it to black. Also i need some Chrome rims under it.

Mmmm thats about it i guess.






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First, welcome and I'm sure everyone is happy to see another Z enthusiast come onboard and second, you're correct in stating that the 83 280ZX was not a selection option available for you to use. (Don't feel bad, it wasn't there for me either!)

I guess since there is no 1972 240Z available, then individuals with those models might wanna look elsewhere? And just why are we discriminating against these two models (83&72) when we let the ultra rare 75 260Z & the 79 280Z be included.

Ease up Billy boy, there's enough room for everyone.

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Nothing "Rare" at all about a 75 260Z, they were only "Rare" in the US.

We were tighter over ZX's here two years ago. Thank goodness we dropped our biased opinion a bit. I like the S130's myself and consider them a classic Z car as much as the S30 models.

I guess if Otso sent you here, You must be alright.

Bill, Jani is a man's name (Most often) in Finland

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As Victor wrote, we were tighter on ZX's. But they didn't have anywhere else to go, so I guess we can only be of assistance in areas of similarity.

It may be time to give them a separate forum as we did with the "K's"?

Welcome aboard anyway, I doubt we can be of much assistance apart from enigine & transmission areas.

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Hey, we are totally welcome to the ZX. Although most of our members are early Z owners, the ZX is quickly becoming a classic. If you have a question about your ZX, don't be shy....

I must also compliment you on a very nice looking Z. It must be difficult to find parts and support in Finland. Or, do you notice a lot of other Z car owners in your country?

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It must be difficult to find parts and support in Finland. Or, do you notice a lot of other Z car owners in your country?


There are few Z-owners in Finland. You can check some of the Z-cars here in Finland e.g. at www.dnsf.org

It's quite hard to find some parts here, but I think that several of the Z-owners order parts from the USA, UK and Ebay.

I've owned two 280ZX:s and one 240Z. At the moment I do not have Z, but looking for new projects :lick:

Sorry Jani that I hijacked your topic.

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Thanks for the kind replies. I think there aren't many parts for Z-cars in Finland, But local nissan dealers have almost every original part for atleast zx's, but all of the parts need to be shipped from Holland, if i remember correctly. It ain't cheap of course :P

And Kimi, no problem. You should buy the new Z already, there is still few months time to build :)

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