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The find dreams are made of


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Without pictures I wouldn't believe this story myself. I bought 2 280Z 5 speed transmissions from a guy in a small central GA town for a song. When I went to pick them up he told me about a 71Z sitting in the yard of an abandoned house.I asked him about looking at it he hesitated and said it was behind a fence and we couldn't see it. After I assured him all I needed to know was where it was we WOULD be able to see it he took me to the house. On the way he told me the man that owned the house use to sell old surplus army jeeps still in the crates and still had some there.I remember the ads in the back of old magazines that said they had surplus jeeps for 500 dollars since I could read and knew this was a myth,but I didn't say anything. When we got to this house it was pitch dark so we had to use a flashlight to see anything. As we got out of the truck I couldn't believe what I saw. Sitting in the front yard of this old house was 5 old jeeps sitting there with parts for several more plus 3 military trailers laying there. I was shocked. We started around the side of the house with the flashlight when I could barely see the back of a 240Z. It was in the middle of a big patch of weeds,vines and small trees. It took a few minutes to make our way to reach it but there it was a 1971 240Z. It was in pretty rough shape but when I opened the door most of the interier was still there. I popped the hood and saw everything was still under the hood including a set of hedders and other high performace parts. I looked at the head and it was an E-33. Ater a few minutes we turned to look around and about 20 ft away was another 71 240Z. I new then we had hit paydirt. It to was in the middle of a patch of thickets and underbrush. We made our way to it and found it to be in the same shape. It was pretty rusty but most of the interier was there. Under the hood was the same story, headers and twin webers. There was a few other mods and it had an E-88 head on it.I was ecstatic. After we got over the shock we looked around and damn there was anouther 71 240Z about 15ft away. Same story,built motor except it had a 4 bbl holly on it. same E-88 head. What can I say. We were blown away. I could not stop grinning. I had thought this only happens to other people. I couldn,t wait to find the man that let this sit here according to the plates for 16 years. We started back to the truck around the other way to avoid the brush when we found a small carport.there was a tarp covering another car. I thought I can't believe this s#*t another Z car? Nope it was a 1958 fuel injected corvette.I thought I was dreaming. This don't happen. We looked inside and out. It was all there. it was dirty but fiberglass doesnt rust. I couldn't stand it. I had to figure out where the man was that owned these cars.We made it back out to the truck and I sped home about an hour from there. When I got home I called a few friends and told them about my find. As I expected they said yeh right. I didn't sleep good that night and got up early and went back down there to take pictures. When I got there I was still in disbelief myself until I got the first picture. I took pictures of the jeeps then each z car then the vette. I was still grinning in amazement thinking it can't possibly get any better than this when I looked over next to me and there it was a 1968 SS327 camaro. It was in all original condition except for the traction bars on it. What can I say. I was shocked. I stood there laughing. This had to be a dream. Nobody drives off and leaves this kind of cars just sitting there. I was in to much shock to think straight so I took my pictures and headed back home to figure out what I was going next.I had to find whoever owned these cars.I have posted a few of the pictures here to show this is not a fish story. If anybody is interested I will post more pictures and tell how my quest is coming.






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Wow! You're right, it truly seems unreal. Moonpup is right, that Corvette is worth a lot of $$$ and I would love to be able to purchase & restore it. The 240Zs and the Camaro are great finds too, but that Fuelie Corvette has the most potential hands down. If you have more pics, please post them! Thanks for sharing your story with us!

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Sorry about cutting the story short but I was tired and not sure if any was interested. I have found the man that owns the cars but due to some very strange details I have not been able to discuss this with him. The reason is as strange as this story but I assure yall I will not give up.When I exaust all my energy getting these cars I will let you know the rest of the story.






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I found him!!! I found him!!! He is in the last set of pictures! Just to the front of the side profile pic of the vette. It's his fingers reaching out from behind that metal thingy leaning to the left! Go back now.....tonite! If you get him outta there......he may cut you a deal. :surprised

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