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Lets just say custom EFI is the way to go..


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yeah...finally got the old 2+2 running again with the SDS system, and Sporks (zcar.com) intake manifold.


theres nothing like it. Eddie Radatz from E. Radatz motorsports drove it...said its on of the strongest NA L28's hes ever seen...the thing is INCREDIBLE. from 2K all the way to 7K it just PULLS...timings set to 35degrees non vaccum adavanced, valves adjusted, and cam timing advanced a little...the engine is incredible. its still running a little rich, so i need to go dyno tune it a lot to get the right power curve.

rest assured, i will be at this years SEZ with the car...be on the lookout.. i dont have any updated pictures, only a few which ill upload now...

if you are looking for an expensive mod to literally knock like 2 seconds off your 1/4 mile time, a custom intake manifold and fuel managment is where its at. i still cant believe the difference in power this thing makes....im going to go sit in it now :knockedou

**im not even going to post the cars ive whooped in it since i got her running :devious: :devious:

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Welcome to the programmable injection club

individual throttle body Injection is an excellent performance modification (been running throttle bodies with programmable mapping for a year now:sleep: ) but misunderstood by many.

running a sub 14 second 1/4 mile

If that time is only a guess then thats hardly empirical evidence, however if it is based on a run then it would be good if you had a copy of the timing slip, as a sub 14 time would put you in line for the worlds quickest NA 2+2, bearing in mind that a Subaru Impreza turbo with 270 Hp only runs mid 13's and the legendary GTR Skyline out of the box runs 13.4 its important just how "sub 14" you are :cheeky:

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nah, didnt get coil packs :-( too expensive

steve, people couldnt believe a 2+2 ran a 15.0 1/4 mile, but everone at the SEZ saw the car run, and was amazed. since then, ive raised the compression from 8.4:1 to 10.1:1, which will make a difference, ive added SDS, fuel managment, a custom intake manifold, coated headers, MSD ignition system, and most importantly, learned a little better how to drive the 1/4 mile.

ive told people once, and im tired of saying it: i have a freakin fast 2+2...nobody wants to believe it though, but the members here that attended the SEZ meet saw my car in action, and like i said, couldnt believe how fast she is.

i wouldnt say worlds fastest 2+2, im sure a stroked engine would be a lot faster :-)

all i know, is that i can say i have one of the fastest 2+2's on this board, or anyother. why? cause nobody takes time to restore 2+2's!!!! :-)

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thanks V12....but you know most people dont like them, much less take the time to fully restore them, or even hotrod the engine out and try to make it fast.

1fastZ on zcar.com said his car total weighed 2900lbs with him in the car. well, my 2+2 weighed less than that on the scales, but the only thing from the car i was missing was the carpet and padding, and i doubt that weighs 150lbs...1fastz's car is a coupe...

i did a lot of weight reduction, took everything out i didnt need from under the dash, such as AC and other things..engine compartment stuff is removed...under fender covers are gone, all the stock sound insulation is gone....no bumpers or bumper mounts....theres just a lot of weight reduction. the 2+2 after all this isnt an "overweight pig"

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...under fender covers are gone

I have not seen a 240z/260z with under fender covers - is this a US market thing only? (note I did not state 280z as we never got those here) I have also seen a number of Fairlady Z (aka 200z or S30/S31) again no under fender covers.....hmm will check the part catalog I have RHD export models.....looking....no pic or partnumber for a under fender cover in the 240z 260z 2 seater or 260z 2+2 body sections.

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