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  1. they are on the top of the caliper, on the inside side of the wheel.
  2. Bubbleguinea

    msa header

    yup...i had that problem too... took a grinder to my new custom intake manifold on the bottoms and grinded a groove on each one...what a pain! but still...they are fine now!
  3. same color mine used to be...
  4. ahhh those look to pretty to put them in an engine and get the tops all sooty--- i say we just use them to decorate the christmas tree?? ohh hey, i got an S2K engine start button...wanna help me put it in ;-)
  5. he rode in my Z! i got him hooked!!! not really, he rode in my other friends Z that i got him hooked into.. either way, im going to help out, and the car is going to be a MONSTER street Z... so we will have one baddass NA l28 in my Z, and one bad arse L28eT in his Z!!! yEah!
  6. oh will...you got me in trouble over at zcar.com... those pathetic losers.
  7. firewall!!! rear section, right behind the license plate frame... shock tower engine alternator intake manifold
  8. great mixed opnions... i say rear to suck air out as air goes by it
  9. ill answer that question after im done tuning it...found out my cam timing is wayyyy of...im not running enough advance, and my a/f ratio looks just like the first part of the above graph :-) this thing will break 200 to the wheels, then ill post another pic and get it to be put up on zcar.com and have people flip again :-)
  10. boostedz...good point. you honestly think it will make a difference?
  11. and? max power is....... 183.8 HP max torque is....... 181.1 ft/lbs funny thing? ive got 54HP and 100ft/lbs at 3600RPM...and so on..the chart goes up and down, up and down from 2.5K to 4.3K RPM...finally, at 4.4K RPM, the charts start to look normal - actually i just looked at it again, from 2600-2750RM i have 25HP and 51ft/lbs! hehehe this is just a run up to the dyno, no tuning at all so im not worried. i can get her past 200 once i work out the kinks with the SDS fuel system...i havent had time to tune it. The chart actually looks pretty funny, i wish i could take a pic of it :-( engine? .020 overbore flatops n42 head mild cam mild port job custom EFI manifold SDS fuel system intake exhaust 2.5 crushed bent 60mm TB electric fan, no ac, no drag on engine 36degrees of advance so im very impressed!!! i cant wait to set up cam timing, ign. timing, fuel settings, and valve lash to get this sucker over 200ft/lbs and HP! and they said 2+2 werent fast????!?!?!
  12. uhh forgive me if im wrong, but what do you mean by crooked? my muffler is at an angle, and i think most Z's that ive seen have angled mufflers :-) but i agree...my shop wouldnt let me watch inside the shop, i had to stand outside away. they said insurance reasons. right.
  13. wheel well covers..i think its a total of 6 pieces of large plastic that bolts up underneath the front fenders...above the wheel... useless in my opnion. just more weight :-)
  14. thanks V12....but you know most people dont like them, much less take the time to fully restore them, or even hotrod the engine out and try to make it fast. 1fastZ on zcar.com said his car total weighed 2900lbs with him in the car. well, my 2+2 weighed less than that on the scales, but the only thing from the car i was missing was the carpet and padding, and i doubt that weighs 150lbs...1fastz's car is a coupe... i did a lot of weight reduction, took everything out i didnt need from under the dash, such as AC and other things..engine compartment stuff is removed...under fender covers are gone, all the stock sound insulation is gone....no bumpers or bumper mounts....theres just a lot of weight reduction. the 2+2 after all this isnt an "overweight pig"
  15. nah, didnt get coil packs :-( too expensive steve, people couldnt believe a 2+2 ran a 15.0 1/4 mile, but everone at the SEZ saw the car run, and was amazed. since then, ive raised the compression from 8.4:1 to 10.1:1, which will make a difference, ive added SDS, fuel managment, a custom intake manifold, coated headers, MSD ignition system, and most importantly, learned a little better how to drive the 1/4 mile. ive told people once, and im tired of saying it: i have a freakin fast 2+2...nobody wants to believe it though, but the members here that attended the SEZ meet saw my car in action, and like i said, couldnt believe how fast she is. i wouldnt say worlds fastest 2+2, im sure a stroked engine would be a lot faster :-) all i know, is that i can say i have one of the fastest 2+2's on this board, or anyother. why? cause nobody takes time to restore 2+2's!!!! :-)
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