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Custom Chopped 240Z

Mr Camouflage

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Yes, he's been working on this a long time. Looks like he has added some content since the last time I looked through this. Nice to see he hasn't given up. This car has a real nice shape. I wish I had the resources to pull something like this off myself.

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I came across this one on Craig's List for sale in Oregon for only $900.00:

choped 240z

Personally, I prefer the factory original 240Zs, but I have to be honest, I kind of like the sleek look, especially the black one (below) in the Car Domain article that Mr. Camouflage started this thread with. The baby blue one presently for sale in Oregon (also below) doesn't look nearly as nice.




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I wonder what Mr. Matsuo would say?

Flashback to ZCON10 in Nashville, TN.... Mr. Matsuo was checking out my car. He noticed the after-market sunroof and gently tapped it saying, "This not mine. This not mine." I told him it was a mistake & would be repaired. :) He really liked & commented several times on the color, he even signed my glove box. :)

Bonzi Lon

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