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Custom Chopped 240Z

Mr Camouflage

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If you like your Z factory original, Stop reading now. move along, nothing to see here.

Right, for you that dont mind a modified Z, Heres a Guy in Västerås, Sweden (no its not Mull the oher swedish guy) thats customising a 240Z the way that old american cars are customised.

It has a chevy V8, and now hes working on the body. He's chopped the roof (as in lowered the roof line), and is contemplating raising the floor to lower the car.

Its not finished yet, but you can see the progress pics at:


Interesting work. would like to see it when its finished.

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Yes, this car is really magnificent. True masterpiece even if it isn't finished yet. It makes me think - in 30 years from now is this what all the "hot rodders" will be doing? Who knows. I can't wait to see this thing when it's done. Crazy...

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It took me a while but I managed to get thru all 13 pages of pictures. Damn!!

That takes some serious dedication and skill. One of these days when the kids are gone, My wife WILL lose me to my new garage that I'll have built with my kids inheritanceROFL

Incredible work and workmanship. He's got my applause:love:


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Yeah I agree I stumbled across this car a while back probably when I was on cardomain for some reason or another. It should look pretty wild when it's done. I don't know how tall he is though but even if he's not too tall he'll need to work out a way to lower the seating position quite a bit.

I know with my harder suspension and my Recaro's my head comes closer to the roof than I'd like. :)

Your right Dave it will take lots of hard work and dedication let's hope it doesn't end up a discarded project car.

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If you like your Z factory original, Stop reading now. .

I love Z's in factory original form...but I also love 'em modified like this as well. I just love Z's.

The "first generation" Z is just such a great platform for modification.

I would love to see what Chip Foose could do with it.

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I'm astonished at the level of ingenuity and garage expertice I've seen over the course of 13 pages of build up.

There are some definite engineering problems which this guy addressed with no fear. I'm utterly amazed at this rennisanse man of the garage. From fiberglass molding to metal work to custom fabrication, this guy looks like a pro.

Good luck to him. I'll keep my un-chopped Z.:)

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I like the look of the designs he came up with. This guy should be working for Nissan, developing the look of the next Z!

He's definitely got my vote. We need to do what "the others" have been doing, Taking a bit or more of the old and mixing it into the new. Chevy's "SS" and the "PT Cruiser" for example only. Old world design but new world ideas and styling Ques. But you get the idea.

Something like all wheel drive, 6-speed, 2-seater, Turbo V-6 with 240Z styling. 17" wheels with small back end. And keep the price reasonable for those who really want one in their garage or driveway.

Too many times I see a good loking car go to hell by the designer adding heigth and width to the tail light area and making it look more like a tailgate on a big truck (Corvette for instance), rather than a small sports car like the datsuns and Ferrari's. or even the Miata's.

Just my 2 cents.

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