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Well it took me 5 years .....


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I heard a lot of stories about how many years it takes to finish project, i think if you are not into restoring stock 240z, then our project is like ongoing theme.Our cars need constantly something new :) or we need more hp and torque.Anyway, here is my car ,let me know what do you think.


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You know, those half-bumpers up front look pretty good, as does the whole car. It's exactly not the way I'd have done it, but that's just fine. That's why we all have our own cars.

Anyway, very nice job!

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When I click the link I can't seem to see any pictures, just the words 'expand' but when I click that I get a seperate pop up box with nothing in it.

Sorry, I tried the same link w/ Internet Explorer, rather than Firefox and the photos showed up. Very nice car -- good work!

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Thank you very much for all responces. Regarding the seats, well it was not that difficult to color match it, they guy in upholstery shop had a lot of vinyl examples so we spend about half an hour to match everything. But instalation was PITA, would never do it again.The driver seat still little bit off the center line, but it doesn't bother me at all.

Regarding bumpers, well i will talke few pictures ,close ups and post them later this week.

As for rims, first i thought to put snowflakes which i have, but swastike rims are in a better condition. I still want to install snowflakes but i need them polished, and this job cost around $400.00 and i simply don't have time to sit and do it on my own.

Thank you all again for warm responces.If you have any more questions, please ask.

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