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Decals or labels in the engine bay


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I have searched around and can't find anything. Is there a diagram or a post out there that any one knows about that outlines all original stickers on the various model years and maybe more importantly, exactly where they are placed?

I have a 70 (HLS3014160) that has been repainted more than once and almost all original stickers are gone. I have seen Banzai and what they offer and think it would be a nice touch to replace some of these stickers.

What I lack is knowledge of where they go. Are there documents that map this specifically?


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Correct me if I am wrong but the underhood sticker is not reproduced by any of the above vendors.

It is not listed in their inventory.

I interpret the phrase "under hood sticker" to mean the sticker on the passenger side of the hood near the cowl which lists emissions/tune-up information. This ticker is available at Zedd Findings for about $21.

BUT...There is also a different "hood" sticker listed for the 1970 model only for around $30. I don't know the difference...

I have a factory service manual which references various stickers as they need, based on the section of the manual. One could also find this info (sticker location) by examining cars competing in the stock class at a local Z car show...


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