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Rare Solomon Islands 73 240Z uncovered


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Introducing "His Holeyness, the 101370th 240Z"

Yes its true, I have received my rare as rocking horse shite, Solomon Islands limited edition 73 240z. Complete with more rust that you can't poke a stick at. If there was an example of a rusty zed, then this is it.

Body is shot. L28 with triple 44's, with 2 spare 44's. 2 diff's, 3 gearboxes, spare L24 with round tops and E31 (takes my hoarding to 2 x E31 now). Interesting wheels. Has vented disks up front.

Car to be stripped for parts and then it will fall apart. We open the hatch by just bending it back up on the roof. We can't stop laughing at it.


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It was on New Zealands version of ebay. I won the auction without viewing it as it was in Auckland. I got it down to the South Island via rail. Cost a bit but the spares are invaluable for what I am doing to my series 1.

It is very very hard to get parts for 240z's in New Zealand. So a parts car is great. My series 1 windscreen is stuffed. The PO ran the wipers without a section of rubber, the result is a scar that won't pass our "warrant of fitness" standards. So the parts car has already helped out.

I'm not too sure when it was imported into NZ. The ownership papers are in the car somewhere, but I haven't pulled everything out yet to find them.

Interesting enough though, someone has had a lot of fun with this car. I just noticed that the battery has been relocated....I don't know where to yet as I can't see for the gearboxes in the passenger well. But the tray is gone and a very large cable disappears down the tranny tunnel.

I just have to find some more room to store stuff. I should have built a triple garage....now I need a shed.

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Nawww Vicky,

If James is opening up the hatch by bending the roof back, he's got me beat hands down. Princess 27 is holding up pretty well. Resting comfortably in a tent in my back yard.

The spare parts sound very nice. Her Holyness ROFLROFLROFL


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Yes, living a life in the Solomons really cost this car. I reckon it was sitting on the beach all day drinking coconut milk with a dram of vodka and ice and maybe a dash of tobasco. Just wait until I post pics of the doors....OMFG! Sills....what sills.

The bonnet only open by about 45 degrees. Floors....what floors, all the floors are doing is stabilising the gearboxes from tipping over.

My series 1 has a aftermarket steering wheel which I don't like so the 73's will be used after some considerable resto work on it.

Oh the joys!

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Do they have roads in the Solomons? Do you suppose the Saline water or air did it in? Some people tell me I should expect my FLORIDA car to be full of salty holes. :(


Yeah because the United States is clearly the only country on earth capable of making decent roadways. :rolleyes:

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I have a copy of the ownership papers here and they tell me that it was imported to NZ in July 74. That means it was only in the Solomons for about a year. The first registered NZ owner was a Mr. Willem Aart DE BRUIJN. I wonder if it was his over there or if he just imported it.....I'll never know.

So I guess I shouldn't be so hasty to blame the salt conditions. I guess that I can blame the sweat shop that is Auckland.......(I now run for cover).

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I'm afraid 26th-Z has got you beat, as far as the rust factor, with his 27th-Z. Plus his car came with the glove box option crack pipe. LOL


Actually, when i got my car, i was cleaning it out and found 2 crack pipes under the ash tray. Pretty nasty stuff, but they were really old.

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