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Parting with my Triple Mikuni's...


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Hello all...

I have a set of 44 PHH Triple Mikuni's with the intake, along with a selection of jets for dialing them in...

This set is off of my '74, with moving, some Z's have to go away to make room for just one, I am forced to make some choices here. :ermm:

At any rate, I though I'd see if there was any interest from the club before I place them on Ebay. I hate to part with them, but my next car won't need anything more than SU's with SM needles...

The '74 and the '71 are both going away, but I plan on retaining some items for the next Z should I find one that I like...

They work excellent, I will post a fresh pic soon. Appearance of the Trip's is good, they are clean, I suspect that they will bring $500 minimum on ebay.

Should anyone have any questions let me know...

Dammit, I hate moving! :tapemouth

Have a great day!


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I believe they are K&N, about 4 x 6, Chrome covers, each filter covers 2 carbs so there is a total of 3. Great shape...

I saw a setup very similar in the gallery, if you do a search on "triple Mikuni" then there is a red car owned by Paul Dinnell, my set up is almost identical to his, except for the braided fuel lines, I do not have those.

So, the covers on his are identical to his...

Let me know if you have anny further questions...

My alternate e-mail while I am away from work by the way is zero2seventy@hotmail.com Feel free to use that one as well, I check it once a night at least...

Have a great day!


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