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  1. Incase anyone needs one. Sorry if this is the wrong section. Not mine, just saw it while browsing. datsun 240z 260z 280z rear vented hatch posted 5 days ago.
  2. I had the "full on" 3.0L with the head work and big cam. I think I used the 225. Pedal feel was stiff, but not like your on a leg press machine haha. I used a braided clutch line and daily drove it from time to time.
  3. hoping to get back in the magazine soon.. Car is reborn and should be on the road next week.
  4. thanks! I was running a lightweight flywheel with centerforce2 clutch at the time. The carbs were bored su's with shaved needles (Rebello rebuilt them).
  5. Here is what my old 3.0 Rebello stroker motor sounded like with Header and 3 inch exhaust
  6. I'm not as far as them. I'm in Frisco, which is about 20-30 min from downtown traffic permitting of course (i'm off the Dallas tollway). I used to live downtown, but moved closer to work (Classic BMW in Plano).
  7. a fan shroud will help the fan pull air through the radiator when sitting. Does it run cooler after you start going (does the gauge move back down)? without a thermostat, your car will (should) take too long to get to operating temp. I live in the texas heat and ran a 160 degree thermostat with a 4 row radiator and fan shroud.. never had a problem..
  8. I'd be game. I live in North Dallas.
  9. you should use a thermostat to restrict the flow. Do you have a fan shroud?
  10. Thanks! Yes the Camaro is faster... at least in the straights . I'm hoping I can keep up in the turns. It's actually my wife's car. here's an older pic after engine install. and here are some more pics. Hopefully be track ready this summer.
  11. That looks like one of the old Greenwood Corvettes from the IMSA series.
  12. This was awhile ago when I had my old 3.0L stroker motor. I needed to adjust the valves. Well, I used to boast how fast I could do the job and decided to show a friend. Part of how fast I could do the job was how I would use a bump starter to turn the cam over as i checked measurement, then adjusted. I had all the needed tools out on my fender (using fender cover of course), cam exposed ready set go!! I FORGOT TO TAKE THE CAR OUT OF GEAR! the starter engaged, and it scared the crap out of me. I dropped my bump steer and damn if it didnt wedge itself so that the starter didnt stop. My Z was driving up into my garage on starter power. Not the hybrid i had in mind. I did what any panicing Z owner would do.. I grabbed the car as if I could stop itLOL. Luckily i found this futile real quick (as boxes of stuff in front of the car are being pushed to the back wall) and I reached in the car and slapped the shifter into neutral.
  13. definately start with a credit union. Just make sure of the limitations. Some won't finance a vehicle thats over a certain year or mileage.
  14. Bambikiller had a good write up on this with pictures. I'll see if I saved it somewhere. I did an engine swap, so i'm doing this from memory.
  15. I had the same issue.. the way I had it wired was cooking my coils. Should be fine with that diagram.
  16. I replaced my 40 year old front control arm bushings
  17. funny seeing this thread. I have my 240Z and my daily is my 2003 Dinan M5
  18. Dreco


    Well, I've been gone for quite sometime. Life and kids happen and car fun was put on hold. I'm happy to come back here and report that I still own my 240Z, and getting back to finishing the project. I have made a jump to BMW's (work for Classic BMW in Dallas and own a Dinan E39 M5), but the 240Z will always be special.
  19. i sure did. It's not a pretty as 240hoke's but i'm ok with the overall install. ultimately my car will spend lots of time at the track, so it only has to look good from 50 ft haha. i'm still looking at pulleys. not sure which is the best route to take. I was thinking of going electric water pump, so I really only need a belt for the alternator.
  20. i finished installing my ZG flares last night.
  21. that is the plan. Motor will be about 400 at the wheel.
  22. Sold it to a local guy. tossed around the idea of getting an L6 turbo motor, then went through a divorce. Car stuff had to be put on hold for awhile.
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