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  1. When I had my car , a 72, I was at a car show and a guy asked me why I installed a NISSAN engine in my Corvette
  2. I'm feeling a litttle lazy today and didn't read all the posts so if someone already said this I apologize for repeating. I had the same issue as others have noted. Once it was the coil connection, once it was a clogged filter and once it was the pickup in the fuel tank. When it was the coil, the engine died like someone turned the key. The filter was more of a loss of power and then died. The fuel pickup was more like the coil problem. You stated that the car would start right back up once it died. That doesn't sound like the coil connection. When the pickup gets blocked, fuel flow stops
  3. It looks like individual parts. Air dam, rear spoiler, fender flairs, painted bumpers. Most everything can be purchased from motorsport auto. Not really a kit as such.
  4. Mine did that at times and I figured it was caused by moisture creating a thin bond of rust. Was never a real problem except the first time cause I didn't know what had happened. If everything else looks good that would be my bet. Enjoy the ride.
  5. There was a thread "somewhere" in this site that addresses using a Hyundai weatherstrip. Can't remember what model though. It would be in the thread. Just a thought.
  6. Just a thought to share. I had a problem such as yours and found that I had a vacuum leak at the brake booster. Each time I came to a stop my car would want to die. I replaced it and problem solved.
  7. I have owned six. The 72 240z, 66 Mustang convt., 58 MGA, 66VW, Corvair, and the Caravan. Along with various others that did not make their list.
  8. I had rejetted 40's on my L28 and I was told 44's would be better, just could not find any at the time. I loved the sound and performance difference. With the 40s I didn't even have to change my cam. That may be something you will need to do. Even if you don't use them now, get them if they seem to be a deal. good luck
  9. I agree with Will one Z makes an event and sometimes it doesn't even have to be at a show. Can be at a 7-11. The first show I took my car to I was placed between a SS396 and a Dodge Duster. You should have seen the looks on the ole boys faces when I got 1st place.
  10. Well, the good news is that my car was found---The bad news is, it was found in a Haines City citrus grove as a burned out shell. Have Haggerty insurance. Was covered for what it cost me to build, but not for what it would cost for someone to rebuild for me. That will most likely be the last car I build. No point in having something nice for some low life to distroy. Thanks for asking about her. Barrie
  11. Found my VIN HLS3055595. Thanks for the support, pretty much bummed my day.
  12. Yes, details. The avatar is my car. It is a 1972. Located in Lakeland, Florida. Nissan Champagne in color. Saddle tan interior. Custom door panels and diamond uph. over hump. L28, don't have #. 40mm mikunis with long intake. K&N filters. Brand new 5 year old NOS dash. Wooden Grant steering wheel. Orig. Nissan shifter knob. 5 speed. 280 rear bumper, car color. Custom grill with custom Z emblem. Polished valve cover. Panasports, silver, 15" in front, 16" in rear. If I think of more I will edit. And thanks!
  13. My Z is gone. Stolen last night. If anyone sees her I would appreciate a PM.
  14. Chris, Thanks for the info on Mr K. Message sent.
  15. My Dad wasn't into cars and certainly not foreign cars but he did own a 1966 GTO. Bought it new. It was always fun to drive around with him, as younger guys with Mustangs, Firebirds and Camaros would sometimes pull up next to him at a stop light and race their engines. He'd look over at them, do the same and when the light turned green act like he was going to race. Every once in a while there would be a cop up the street and the kid would get pulled over. My 5'8" balding Dad would drive by and the kid would point him out to the cop. Dad would just drive by with a smirk and say nothing. Now I
  16. I installed the rear quarters only. I liked the wide body look in the rear. Didn't like the rectangle headlights sold at the time in the front fenders.
  17. Well Bob, you can tell by my avtar I like custom cars. I am looking forward to the pictures of your project.
  18. I'm curious. Are there ANY products made in the US that are constructed with 100% US parts. Ford used a Mazda drive train in the Probe, Chrysler used transmissions assembled in Mexico. I recently bought a GE cordless home phone that was made in China. I'm sure the list can go on. Sam Walton of WALMART once said that his stores would only sell products made in America. I can't think of the last time I saw the words, Made in America.
  19. I think PMs would be a more proper manner to continue with the current off topic debate. With the likes of GOOGLE and other search engines that offer mass amounts of information, is the prospects of finding Wick's car a lost cause?
  20. Barrie Bennette 1972 240z, very custom. Original chassis, including wiring. New everything else, well when it was finished. Nissan Champagne base coat clear coat paint. Headers Triple Mikunis Picture from Gallery:
  21. Sad to know that a real class act is about to leave us.
  22. Some of you guys crack me up. That being said, I know where #16 is housed. Great story about getting her to her new home Carl I'm guessing that Wick's car never made it to the Z registry and the VIN is not known?
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