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New, just have some questions.


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Hey guys,

I have been lurking around this forum for a couple weeks now just searching, and reading posts, and i think its fanstastic. So, I've decided to sign up. Plus, it looks allot more.... lets say... "grown up" than z car.com. There is a guy that owns a shop, and has several z's. I went hunting and found that he has a 78 280 fuel injected z. Its totally stock, but i noticed that the speedo goes up to 160 freakin mph. Will that car REALLY go that fast? I've seen allot of newer cars that have 200mph speedo's but top out at 140 because they have a regulator of some sort. Also, where is a place online that i could buy a new, or used 5 speed? The car im getting has an auto, but i wanna swap to a 5 speed. Thanks guys

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Well like any car the Z speedo will read 160mph but I think you will find it will only do around 125mph however that's a USA delivered 240z with a 4 speed.

Your top speed will greatly depend on many things and 1 of the most important will be gear and diff ratio's. Also the torque the motor produces so that the air resistence will still be less than the torque the motor can put out. That's why we have top speed.

There are many articles on doing the conversion from Auto to Manual however if you are getting a 280z and I believe in the US they are common as then why don't you keep looking for a manual. Most important on these cars is how original they are as usually this means they have had a nicer life and also how good the body is.

A car with it's original paint is good because you can often tell the condition of the car in terms of rust alot easier and often can rule out the possibility of rust within reason of course.

Almost all Z's that are in the cheapish price range will have rust somewhere, so just because it looks good exterior wise doesn't mean underneath it is.

To answer a few more questions to my knowledge the Z has no speed limiter fitted. S30 range anyway.

Second to buy a new or used gearbox your best bet would be ebay but you have to be carefull and ask plenty of questions first but I don't live in the US so i have no idea where else to get 1.


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Welcome to the Club

In stock form the 240 thru 280Z will top out at "around" 130 - 140 mph maximum. Only "regulator" that I'm aware of is the engine's horsepower/torque, and chassis aerodynamics. You simply run out of both at about 130.

As for a 5 speed, most folks get them from places like www.zbarn.com back east or www.zparts.com in Richmond,CA or from a local Pik N Pull junk yard, or they buy a parts car to get the parts. Don't know how far you've thought this out, but you'll need more than just the transmisssion to accomplish what you describe.


Transmission & Shifter

Pressure Plate, Clutch Disc, T/O Bearing assy

Pedal box (frame under the dash that supports the clutch and brake pedals)

Clutch Master Cylinder

Steel Hydraulic line to Slave Cylinder

Slave Cllinder

maybe some other minor bits I haven't thought of

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Originally posted by Bambikiller240

Sounds like a plumbing item. LOL

Guess that is what we call a pilot bushing. Sounds like an aviation item. LOL


The mind reels at the possibilities of "pilot bushing" .. whatever could it mean? LOL

I have no idea if that's what it's "actually" called come to think of it, that's just what popped up in my head though.

Just the wee brass coloured bushing that sits in the end of the crankshaft.

I had no idea I needed one when I did my conversion but luckily enough the guy who sent me my master and slave cylinders chucked one in there for me as well. :)

I just looked it up in my C110 parts manual and got;

32202-30000 | BUSH-SHAFT.1ST MOTION

Talk about the mind boggling. :D

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Arghh I know it as a pilot bushing also, I guess when u think about it, makes more sense than spigot a pilot guides something in this case the gearbox shaft to the crankshaft.

Same as a pilot light on a heater i guess?

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Thanks guys. The guy wants 400 for it. He said the only thing thats wrong with it is that it has a cracked head. But, he has one he can give to me when i buy the car. It has brand spankin new injectors. The body has no dents, or dings. It is totally straight, and the original paint is flaking. Which is fine because I am getting it painted black w/ red racing stripes. There is absolutely NO rust on this thing. Its crazy. Not even surace rust. The car is in pretty good shape. It has cracks in the dash, but im just gonna get a cap. I'm getting the seats re-done. All n all this looks like a great car for the money.

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Respectfully submit to you..........If all he wants for a 280Z is $400, there is far more "wrong" with it than a cracked head. Otherwise he'd be either fixing it himself (since he owns a shop) or he'd be selling it for more money. If you really want this to be a good Z, you'll likely pour TONS of MONEY, sweat and tears down this drain.

In CA $400 usually buys you a "Parts" car (and a wizz poor one at that).

Before you spend money on this car, take some good close-up digital pictures of the car and post them on the site. We have a "Z Police" squad that will look them over and critique the car for you.

Close-up Pics of:

Front, Sides, Rear of car

Frame Rails

Floor Pans

Battery area

Lower Fenders

Rear Wheel Arches

Hatch area (with hatch open)

All of Interior


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I am with b-killer, if it seems to good to be true , it usually is. Look under the floor mats at the metal floor not the matting and look for rust , look under the floor pans , look under the battery for any rust or bubbling paint . Look also for paint bubbles on the front fenders just infront of the doors down low, and the same just in back of the doors . Another place to look is to open the rear hatch and look at the sill in both corners for rust. Now this engine has a cracked head. Why do you think the owner of the shop wont install the head he is going to give you him self and have the car running and sell it for at least double the ammount?? Do you suppose the has internal problems ? Is the oil full of water from the cracked head ?? if there is how much rust damage is done to the crankshaft and cylinders and other parts ?? Things to think about:classic:

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