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Window Rubber


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-- Group Message from craig001@mc.duke.edu --

Hey All,

A thread on zcar.com has been started concerning the rubber window squeegee and

the fact that you have to buy the whole chrome trim assembly when the rubber

deteriorates. Kinda pricey. Anyway, somebody there located a potential

manufacturer, Steele Rubber, and suggested we all email the company and see if

we can get them to make a replacement rubber piece. Here is my email:

Dear Steele Rubber,

Your company has been discussed on an internet forum for Datsun Z-car

enthusiasts as a possible source for OEM-style replacement rubber, specifically,

the window squeegee on the 70 - 78 240, 260 and 280Zs. This is an extruded

rubber wiper/"fuzzy" that is stapled to the inside of the chrome trim at the

outer top edge of the door and serves the purpose of keeping rain out of the

door and wiping the window. At this time there is no source for this rubber

piece, forcing the Z owner to purchase the whole trim assembly, at a cost of

approximately $75 per side. With the same part interchanging between all 70

through 78 Z cars and the youngest of these original parts being 22 years old,

you can see that there are hundreds of thousands of potential customers for this

part. The Datsun Z is being recognized by more and more people as a true classic

and collectable auto and the restoration of these cars is a growing industry.

There are Z clubs worldwide and the Z has a tremendous internet presence. The

web site:

http://www.zhome.com http://www.240z.org

is a good place to gather information.

I hope you agree that this would be a good market for your company to penetrate.

In addition to the window squeegee, the other rubber parts of these cars (as

well as its cousins, the 280ZX and 300 ZX) are ill-served by the aftermarket

industry. OEM examples of these parts are available to assure exacting

reproduction. A top quality automotive rubber manufacturer would find a large

number of eager customers.


I think this is a good idea (even though I don't know anything about Steele

Rubber) and wanted to pass this along and urge everyone to email them. The

address is:


You don't have to blab on like I did, just tell them "If you make it, I will

buy". What do you all think? Maybe one of those eloquently worded essays from

our Fearless President Carl would win the day!


71 240 with crumbling squeegees.


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