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  1. RIV Inspection

    As long as the car is 15yrs or older nothing is required except a safety certificate, the same you go through for your daily driver and that doesn't have to be done until you register the car with MTO. RIV is really all about keeping Canucks from jumping over the border and buying a new car for 30% less than it sells here.
  2. You watch, in a month there will be 8 more of us with our own DUFFYBLASTER, or MAHONEY VAPOR HONER
  3. Fantastic results! Any problems seeing in the cabinet while blasting or glass beads clumping up?
  4. New Member

    They look great, that could save a lot of effort, it's almost time to start looking for another neglected Z that needs some help so I will bookmark it. Thanks
  5. New Member

    Well there are a number of guys and companies that will do it for you but they charge a lot, you can just drive down to the States with a friend and drive it back yourself as long as you have all your documentation and have given the border office 3 days notice and copies of the ownership and bill of sale. You can save a bundle of money and have a bit of adventure at the same time. By the way, Welcome to this forum, all questions are answered here The local Z club is here http://ontariozcar.com/ozc/ and you could search that forums archives on all the details on bringing a car over from the U.S.
  6. 1973 240 Z Gas Tank Vents

    Well you need a breather of some kind whether it vents to the airbox or not, but the thread siteunseen just posted will answer a lot of your questions.
  7. 1973 240 Z Gas Tank Vents

    That depends on what you are going to with the car now (stock vs modified) or might do later, I have always found it's better to keep your options open by putting a short piece of hose on on the pipes you are not going to use, put a plug in the end and clamp to shut them off, the next owner will appreciate it too.
  8. Ideas needed for Striker Plate

    My only reason would be how irritating it is to find an imperial bolt on a metric car and I guess I'm not sure if 1/4x20 is big enough or maybe too big without some testing, whereas with an M7 you know without looking that it will remove all of the old threads.
  9. Ideas needed for Striker Plate

    Those M6 captive nuts are pretty small and thin, not much to bite into, I would go with a re drill and an M7 tap, if the head of the new bolt is too tall you could grind it down to the thickness of the M6 bolt so it won't interfere. The torque on that bolt is only 6-7 ftlbs so you don't need much to grab on to.
  10. Looks like a good show, anyone know what kind of attendance numbers they get? I don't think I can make Atlanta in Oct. busy time of the year for me but mid June, no problem. Looks like a 6-7 hour drive for me.
  11. 1971 HLS30-14938 "Lily" build

    When I dismantled my 04/70 240z it had the crenulated rubber washers on it but I don't know if I was the first guy to remove the mustache bar.
  12. They may have added a small Tee fitting just above the pumps output to keep the tank agitated.
  13. Sound dampening and plush/pile carpet...why?

    No No man, I didn't see any disrespect at all, it's an honest question. I just decided long ago that my comfort was more important and to compensate for that extra weight I started hunting for more power. Of course now I'm completely addicted to 'just a little more' I don't know if the carpet kits for 280's are different but all the 240 carpet kits I have dealt with were feather light, kind of flimsy and cheap
  14. Looks like you have laid out a good plan, since there is no one else around you doing this you might be able to make some good side cash for other car guys near you. So the used slurry will drain into a reservoir under the cabinet then the centrifugal pump that is in the reservoir will pump the slurry back up to the gun that has the air hose attached to it, yes? I've seen sometimes, depending on the weight of the blasting media there will also be a second smaller pump used to agitate the media to keep it suspended so it doesn't just settle to the bottom. Looking forward to your progress, wet blasting does leave a beautiful finish.