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  1. It's pretty gross to think about it but that sticky stuff is basically years of dead skin and oil
  2. Tony D has rubbed many the wrong way.
  3. Dam, I could have sent it along in the same boxSenility is creeping up.
  4. Selling? Pretty sure I gave it to you, but you can send money if you like
  5. Try 0000 fine steel wool, the cunifer tube will come up like a mirror.
  6. Well you know I have a bad habit of putting For Sale signs on projects once they are finished because after all, they are done, nothing else to fiddle with. I'm not done with it yet but I know sooner or later some other project will grab my eye. Actually there is a young guy in the next town over who has started restoration on a 72 240z, so far I go over every Sunday and give him a hand with the fun stuff and he spends the next week dismantling and scraping and getting dirty, it's working out very well, kinda like being a Grandparent. Zfest was down on attendance today as rain was forecast but there was a total of 112 Z cars and about 22-24 of those were S30's
  7. Looks like you found a good one, interesting mount between the the front of the diff and the cross member, is that custom or maybe from a later model? It appears to be solid.
  8. Okay, here is what I'm taking to Zfest, spent the past couple of days compound buffing wet sanding scratches out of it and installing the bumpers. There is still a few things to do but there will only be a few guys there at the show that will notice.
  9. Beautiful work
  10. fast road course! Those hay bales wrap around the light standards are a bit of a joke.
  11. The nuts behind the rear valance are welded to the sub frame, the front mounting points are also the bumper mounts which are very close to the sub frame also the early cars are quite light, about 550lbs fully stripped.
  12. The 3 Z's I have torn down 1970-72 all had the tapered mustache bar stud like in this pic but I have been helping a guy a few miles from me with his 72 Z and the M/B stud on his is stepped, 2-3 steps, I'll take a pic next time I'm there.
  13. Looks very restorable and nice blue vinyl too.
  14. My name was 87M6chris back then, granny is the neutral, multi forum name
  15. The hacksaw methods only drawback is it is very hard to keep the blade level and easy to cut into the control arm metal. After you get the cut fairly deep you take a small sharp chisel and start peeling the sleeve in toward the center, then when the sleeve is knocked out clean up any nicks or cuts with a round file and press in the new bushing in. Just remember that the two control arms have to be mirror images of each other and not identical, I'm sure I'm not the only guy who had to go buy a third bushing after screwing it up