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  1. Well I got some gas in the tank today and turned the key, I wasn't really expecting the engine to fire up the first time but it would have been nice, she's going to make me work a little more before she gives it up. Something to do with the Megasquirt no doubt, I'll give megasquirt Matt a call and see if he can help me out again. Got the the rear glass in today,all the rubber seals are in now, as well as the leather interior pieces,cleaned and dressed the tires,and installed the Mr.K rear view mirror,
  2. Chas, do you think it's maybe time to flush your clutch fluid or are you going for the original look?
  3. Stunning! Do you know yet if anything got lost through the basket in the plating tank?
  4. ^Desert camo sterile surgical gloves, who would have thought?
  5. @siteunseen, now I just work-eat-sleep, once I cut the booze out it was amazing how much I started to get done and how much more money I had to spend on the car.
  6. Got all the ITB linkage zeroed in so now just have to balance them once I get the engine running,The strut supports are on and coolant is in, no leaks yet,Power steering is installed and dash is in for good now, only had to pull it once,Got the exhaust system in, I would like to find some way to tuck the muffler up a bit more but also like the twice pipes look,Starting to look like a car again!Sprayed the finisher with SEM Landau,Brake lights are in, hoping to use this June 1972 plate, will have to see what the MoT has to say about it,This is one of the leather replacements for the original vinyl pieces from Interior Innovations, it's not glued in yet and I'm not looking forward to it, I wish they had used garment leather instead of upholstery grade leather, it would have been much easier to shape to the wheel well. It is very stiff and fights you on every corner and seam.
  7. It's to feed the mice that will eventually make their home in the heating system
  8. Have you taken a long drive siting in stock seats yet? You might change your mind.
  9. Craigslist?
  10. Have you tried your second bidder?
  11. @dmorales-bello could you give us a bit more info what brand you used, any problems you ran into, tips? Oh, and your car is stunning by the way. Thanks, Chris
  12. Zedy, I will be running BFGoodrich g-Force Rival 225/50 ZR16 on my stock bodied Z with Eibach lowering springs, it is not on the road yet but I removed the springs from the strut mounts and raised and lower the car with a jack and didn't find any interference. Interested to hear what problems you have run into. Thanks, Chris
  13. Myself and lots of other guys have found it easier to install the stainless steel trim before you install the glass/seal on the car. By the time the whole unit is on the car the rubber is stretched tight and it is very easy to rip the rubber trying to get it over the trim. I'll have to check my schedule..... yes I think I can squeeze you in any time you like, I'll bring my own lube
  14. I did use a small amount of this stuff, http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/80-8502 but you could also just use a bit of soapy water.
  15. Every old one I've seen has been cut to the angle of the window frame on the inside edge but cutting the squeegee to the outside edge would probably keep out more water.