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  1. I hate Chinese "Metal"

    Hah, I remember those days, Made Japan was a not good. I know China can make good quality when given a proper price point, I own a set of micrometers and a .000ths" dial gauge that are Chinese made and they are the finest measuring tools I own, beautiful quality, bought them about 25 yrs ago now. China's poor quality is the symptom, the problem is the West's insaitable hunger for more and more consumable stuff.
  2. Steering Rack Disassembly and Refurb

    It might just be a third point of contact so the rack doesn't slop around in the rack tube, it is probably nylon and probably was longer when new and slow wore down over the miles, just a thought.
  3. I hate Chinese "Metal"

    Isn't it more the case that NA companies that have their products manufactured in China don't want to pay for a quality product? China is capable of producing a piece of crap that looks the part at a very low price and that is why NA companies have their stuff produced there. I think Chinese manufactures are given a rock bottom price point and specs to work to from by companies like AC Delco, Motorcraft, Delta, Stanley even Milwaukee because those companies simply want higher profits and more repeat sales. As backward as China can be towards its own people I don't believe they are the real villains here, I would put that squarely on the shoulders of greedy NA companies and stingy NA consumers. Walmart prices rule.
  4. Car worth? How much would you pay?

    Put $6000 cash in one pocket and another $2000 in the other, then feel him out.
  5. Car worth? How much would you pay?

    Now that's what we're talking about! A solid clean shell like that is getting hard to find and you will never regret buying a rust free body.
  6. 1972 240Z Rebuild

    @Strat067 You might think about replacing the rear wheel studs with longer studs now that the brake rotors taking up a good portion of the threads. You might get away with it if you are just doing cars shows and highway, but if you're going to start pushing it at the track it's good to have a few more threads holding the wheels on.
  7. 1971 HLS30-14938 "Lily" build

    @Namerow I think John did a complete complete tear down of a prop. valve not too long ago.
  8. The area you call garage ....

    Moelk, I will gladly trade you all my space for your beautiful Z, do we have a deal?
  9. Ignitor 2

    My experience exactly, the 123 distributor is a good investment.
  10. Alabama's the new Detroit/Michigan

    And so they should, I did a stint on a car assembly line when I was younger and it was brain numbing, soul sucking kind of work. No union at this plant and management was always pushing for more output, but then on the other hand a few years after that I worked as a gardener for the city with a bloated public sector union, I remember being told by the union rep."What's the rush? Slow down, you're making the other guys look bad"
  11. The area you call garage ....

    Mine is similar to this but with much thicker fabric and tensioned with straps. http://www.eastcover.com/productsny.aspx?ProductsID=37&cid=23
  12. Need Pics of Urethane Air Damn Brace

    I go to place down in the industrial area that is sort of a metal supermarket, I would think most cities have something similar. That piece of aluminum sheet was $35. Hardware stores will charge you 4 x what you will pay at a metal shop.
  13. The area you call garage ....

    If you have the land you might consider one of those industrial storage tents, a fraction of the cost of a structural shed and no permits. I have a 20'x40' storage tent which is also filled with stuff but it's good dry storage space.
  14. The area you call garage ....

    How true, I have lots of doubles and triples, you can never have too many tools.