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  1. Well it took a year but they are done, I took them to a local auto upholstery shop and had them done cause I don't have what it takes. The door cards themselves are a bit wavy but once the arm rest and handles are gone I think they are going to look great.
  2. Jean, they look beautiful, let us know how they run.
  3. The first car I ever restored was a 1966 Mustang coupe, midnight blue, lost my shirt when I sold it but it was fun.
  4. OK Philip, I don't get it, what is the R for? Finally got the valve cover back from the powder coater so polished up the lettering and coated it with Sharkhide, new gaskets, new SS acorn nuts,
  5. Wow, that is pretty close match. Progress has slowed considerably now that I'm back at work but have manged to get the fuel and brake lines in, parking brake mechanism, gas tank and fuel pump in. Next job the headliner - no mistakes allowed. This pic is for @zKars, This pic is for @Blue is now 240260280, as you can see I still haven't figured out the white balance
  6. Looks good, if you hit that with a high gloss clear you should be able to get a fairly close match to the shine on the rest of the car.
  7. Oooh you bought those new interior plastic panels, will be very interested to hear what you have to say about them, re fit and finish.
  8. ^ You know I'm not sure why OER/SK triples haven't caught on more than they have, they are easier to adjust and tune than Webers with the external float adjustment and external accelerator pump screws. Although there can be some confusion with the original emulsion tubes and jets that the early models were equipped with they will also accept any of the the Weber e-tubes and jets so that problem can be avoided. They offer a kit to reverse the direction of the 'choke' pull and a kit to fuel inject them if you want to. They are not cheap, that's draw back. I don't have my set anymore but was very pleased with them. @Blue is now 240260280 knows as much or more than anyone about SKs
  9. Oh Boy, this is not good. Glad that you can catch it in time.
  10. The body line that you are working on at the moment, doesn't it fade off into the curve from the wheel and then pick up again on the other side of the wheel well? At least on my Z which has had the fenders repaired the body line comes off the door, extends 3-4" onto the dogleg area then flows into the curve of the wheel and then is re established again on the rear of the wheel well and runs to the back of the car. OR it could be my car that is wrong.
  11. +1 on the 3m double sided automotive foam tape, incredibly strong.
  12. Very sharp looking Z, love the detail.
  13. The new brake package looks great and I'm sure will stop you on a dime but is there a significant weight gain with the new brakes? They just look so big, are they also heavy?
  14. Thank you boys, I appreciate it. Most paint shops take months and months to get the car done so I really wasn't planning on having it back in three weeks flat, it's great I'm not complaining, I just didn't think I would be turning the key until Sept. at the earliest. Could be next week if I drink enough coffee
  15. Nylon webbing, great idea, firm but with a bit of give. Will you cut the leather in a strip and wrap it like the webbing or sew it like a cover?