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    I currently own all 4 years of the 240Z and a 1990 300ZX. The 70 is white, the 71 is Safari Gold, the 72 is Lemon Green, also have an orange 72 the 73 and 1990 are Silver. I recently added a 1996 white Acura NSX to the group.

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  1. Coilover weld cost & location?

    http://www.arizonazcar.com/coilover.html This might help....
  2. Boiled Jumbos

    Thanks Cliff. Since you are so far away, I'll have to share them with some of my other friends......
  3. Boiled Jumbos

    Funny you should mention boiling some jumbos Cliff. We are getting ready to boil some jumbos too. Millie will be watching.....not eating the procedure!
  4. Gasoline dripping out of air intake ports

    I would guess you've got at least one, maybe two stuck float valves. When a float valve is stuck open, it feeds gas into the air cleaner housing.....just like your picture It's normal for the float chambers to move.
  5. 4 bolt su carbs

    I agree Capt. ......all of my Z's idle at 1000 rpm when warmed up.....not so when first cold started. Modern engines seem to have a sensor to adjust for this.
  6. 280z crankcase net

    I'm pretty sure you can still buy em new from Nissan. Motorsports should have em too.
  7. High performance valve springs

    I've got a new Rebello set that you use with your stock inner and the Rebello outer spring and a stock retainer that you can use with up to a .500 lift cam and up to .220 lash pad. Also have a new Isky regrind Stage II .485 lift. I use all Stage III.
  8. Automatic Conversion

    I've done it twice....fairly easy swap....hope this helps.
  9. TechnoVersions Differential Mount

    Thanks for pointing that out Zed Head. Yes, I'm using mine as a snubber only (factory mount on the bottom).....however, if you limit the movement of the diff and therefore the stress on the rubber stock mount, I would think the stock mount would probably last forever!
  10. TechnoVersions Differential Mount

    I just used the simple bump stop with the R/T mount. I used the stock Nissan mount underneath (with the rubber cushion). There is nothing to cause any vibration with the R/T mount with either bump stop you use, because the only contact that's made is when you are torqueing through the gears, and the diff rises up and is stopped by whichever bump stop you use. The lower mount is damped with a rubber cushion to prevent vibration, because it is connected (bolted to the diff) at all times.
  11. TechnoVersions Differential Mount

    The answer is no .......you are confusing the solid diff mount (under the diff) with the R/T diff mount (above the diff) which just replaces the strap.....which stretches with age. The R/T mount just puts a bump stop above the diff to limit the upward movement (clunk) of the diff. It lasts forever and is the way it should have been designed from the beginning.
  12. Bought # 4858

    BTW.....Blue, I hope you can make ZCON this Fall......Atlanta will be a great destination......hope everyone can make it.....Steve will do a great job I'm sure!
  13. Bought # 4858

    I wonder what the story is on this engine? Those pistons are unique.....who made them (cast not forged) and why the light valve spring retainers? Shaved head for compression, but a stock cam? Why a stock cam, and are you sure it is stock? Was this a transplant from a 70's race car? Looks like someone drove the hell out of it.....maybe raced it. Very interesting....wish it could talk.
  14. Bought # 4858

    Restoration is so cool. Blue is right.....send that cam off to Isky and it'll come back like new. Wish we could send ourselves off and have us come back like new.....
  15. Bought # 4858

    I did the same thing with my first Z back in the early 70's. Beautiful, but a PITA to keep clean.