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    I currently own all 4 years of the 240Z and a 1990 300ZX. The 70 is white, the 71 is Safari Gold, the 72 is Lemon Green, also have an orange 72 the 73 and 1990 are Silver. I recently added a 1996 white Acura NSX to the group.

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  1. Cliff.....The large water jacket is a common problem area, but any of the smaller jackets can cause problems too
  2. No Cliff, not that.......If you pull the head and look right behind number 6 cylinder you see the big water jacket (1 1/2 inches or so square)........sometimes I've seen a tiny trench eaten by electrolysis that seeps into number 6. That's why you want to use distilled water and anti freeze to prevent iron, lime and calcium from creating electrolysis, and eating up your aluminum heads.
  3. Absolutely Mark.......good advise.....Not only that, I'll bet if you start with number 6, chances are it's the problem. The large water jacket outlet there seems to tunnel over to the cylinder in a number of cases. Regardless, I'd like to hear back from toneatron83-280z to see if he's tried any of our suggestions. Hard to give further advise if we don't hear back
  4. White smoke usually indicates steam (water). Sounds like it could be a blown head gasket. Fire it up, remove the radiator cap and look for bubbles. You can also check for milky oil or oily water. The aluminum heads are notorious for corrosion caused by electrolysis......always use distilled water in your radiator to keep contaminants (metals) that can lead to destructive electrolysis in your aluminum head out of your cooling system.
  5. I have built several L24 engines using the Nissan or ITM 73 notched Pistons. One thing I do notice about those Pistons is that that come out of the bores about .025 to .030 inches above the deck. The original L24 Pistons don't do this. I've tried on numerous occasions to find out why Nissan designed the 73 pistons with a different deck height ....to no avail......anyone know why? The head on the 73's are about as worthless as they come and maybe it was designed that way to at least increase C/R some. On the other hand, maybe they were fly cut to decrease compression ratios to meet stricter standards.....or maybe because they come out .025 inches, they are closer to the valves and therefore are flycut. Whatever, I would be very surprised with the stock camshaft, if you would have any clearance problems using the flat tops that you have.....however, used heads are a dime a dozen so why not get an E31 or early E88 and use them with your flat tops.....makes sense to me....you'll have a much better engine!
  6. .......the Rock Auto Pistons are ITM......make sure you get flat tops not dish.
  7. ITM makes flat top Pistons for the P79/F54 block. eBay always has these pistons for sale, also a number of vendors do as well. I would make sure the pistons are ITM's, as many of us have successfully used ITM Pistons in the F54/ P79 combo's. However, I don't like their ring sets, so I either use OEM Nissan or Total Seal rings with the ITM's. IMO
  8. "Change is Good"......."I Hate Change"!
  9. Well you better take care of it quickly or I'll have to call the Z Police! Just a shame that Nissan had to hang those big chunks of steel out there to meet some safety code.......sure futzed up a beautiful design eh? People should buy cars to drive.....not to crash!!!
  10. Car looks great Jeff, but you need to lose those bumpers
  11. No Zedy.....I'm pretty much a purist.....I like em clean with no pin stripes, side molding or decals.....just me. I really like your readiness to try new stuff though....to each his own. My silver Z has the side molding....I'd rather it not, but since it's all original paint, I'm not about to change that. Like I said many times..... I love your cars......and the stripes were on a lot of Z's in the early 70's.....part of the history, just like spoilers, wheels and lowering springs....they're all cool. Site....so is yours!
  12. "If you like your gun......you can keep your gun"!
  13. 205/60/15 Zedy.....that's what I run. On the 16's, I run 205/55/16's
  14. I glass bead blast mine......they come out like new.
  15. Don't change a thing Zedy......it looks perfect with the Panasports and spoilers! Mine is similar. BTW DaveR....I'm running 205/60R/15's on this Z. They fill the wells nicely!