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    I currently own all 4 years of the 240Z and a 1990 300ZX. The 70 is white, the 71 is Safari Gold, the 72 is Lemon Green, also have an orange 72 the 73 and 1990 are Silver. I recently added a 1996 white Acura NSX to the group.

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  1. I have an L24 engine for sale. Totally rebuilt with Z Doctor built E31 Head with new seats, valves, guides, rockers, Isky Springs and a Stage II Isky camshaft. Block is bored .040 over with new Pistons. Brand new clutch and flywheel come with the engine. No carbs, intake, distributor or exhaust manifold. Runs perfect.....has approximately 1500 Miles. I replaced it with a 3.1 Stroker. Pick up only Richmond, Virginia........$2,000.00
  2. any 2.7ish owners?

    Nice.....That should be “bumpy” lol. Isky has a .530 regrind. Not sure how much lift requires spring seat alterations. Maybe someone can chime in on that.
  3. any 2.7ish owners?

    Jason....Just a heads up on cam choices. The Schneider cam billets aren’t even close to the quality alloys in a reground (Isky) camshaft. The original Datsun cams reground to Stage III (.490) by Isky work great. We put a Schneider .495 lift camshaft (new) in my 3.1 motor. After 150 miles, I noticed a cam lobe turning loose some metal. I’ve never had a single problem with the Datsun regrinds. I put a Isky .490 in the motor.....zero problems. Do it right the first time IMO. Guy
  4. Z31 N/A RB project

    Now the tide has changed....Safari Gold is THE COLOR for your Z31!
  5. Stroker 3.1

    You are way over my head Chickenman.....I count on Eiji when it comes to what new systems to use.....I don’t even know what Mega squirt is.....But, I value your opinion too.....thanks for the advice!
  6. Z31 N/A RB project

    Copy Cat.....
  7. Stroker 3.1

    I always value your opinion Madkaw......thanks for pushing me over the edge in regards to FI......Time to step up to new technology......it is twice the cost of carbs......maybe I’ll start a go fund me L series motor!
  8. Stroker 3.1

    Eiji is building the bottom end.....I’m building the top end. I’ve built 18 to 20 L series motors by myself, but Eiji does it so well. BTW....You are talking me into FI Madkaw.....sounds like the way to go......can’t wait. Never had crank fire ignition either.....moving on up!
  9. Stroker 3.1

    What’s up Jeff? Haven’t decided yet.....I want to drive Eiji’s with FI first, but he thinks that’s the way to go. It’s a real budget buster, but some things you just have to muscle up to the table....especially since my son Brandon is trying to out do the old man with his RB powered Z31.
  10. Stroker 3.1

    Sure is Jeff...not my engine though....Eiji’s, but something to think about....
  11. Stroker 3.1

    Eiji’s new manifold for ITB..........beautiful!
  12. Stroker 3.1

    I don’t notice any difference from my other Z’s in my Stroker with the Maxima diesel crank.
  13. Z31 N/A RB project

    Anxious to hear the RB motor at 9 grand. I guess he’ll have to head down to Dinwiddie with me and Eiji to see what they all do in the 1/4 mile when I finish my new Stroker this Spring. It’s gonna be a blast. Also hope it’ll be finished for ZCON next Fall! It’s gonna be a really good convention this year....right Steve?
  14. Stroker 3.1

    As of today, it is now going to be a 3.1 Stroker.....exactly the same specs as the last Stroker except for some side draft carbs. Eiji has started on the block already....he also has the pistons and rods.....240 mm flywheel and a stock turbo clutch. The last stage I clutch wears me out lol.
  15. Went by to check out a nice restoration on my friend Woody’s early Series One. Not a bit of rust in this car.