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    I currently own all 4 years of the 240Z and a 1990 300ZX. The 70 is white, the 71 is Safari Gold, the 72 is Lemon Green, also have an orange 72 the 73 and 1990 are Silver. I recently added a 1996 white Acura NSX to the group.

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  1. Seems to me, you could just buy some metal tubing just slightly less diameter than the strut tube, and a little less diameter than the strut. Cut it a little longer than you need, drop it in the strut tube, then push the strut into the strut tube and measure the distance from the top of the strut tube to about a quarter inch from the top of the gland nut......cut that much off of the tubing and reinsert in the strut tube. Slide the strut back in the strut tube and torque it down. Remember the gland nut shouldn't torque flush, it should have 1/8 inch or so space so you know it's snug against the spacer tubing.
  2. WTB 240z tokico HP rear shocks used

    Did you try Silvermine or Summit? Both show them listed for around $90.00. If you Google Tokico HP Datsun 240z, other vendors show them as well. May be leftover inventory. Are you sure they are discontinued? That would be a shame.....a great strut for the price!
  3. Steve.......Is that John driving Randy's car?
  4. clutch fork won't move

    Thanks Zed Head......I'll go back to my knitting now.
  5. clutch fork won't move

    Sounds to me like you've ordered the right collar.....unless they sent you the wrong clutch. I just installed a 240mm flywheel and an Exedy Stage I comp clutch. I used the 2+2/ turbo collar and she works like a dream (it'll really build up your left leg lol). It's easier to pull the tranny. When you get the new collar, use this test.....if the measurement comes out like in my drawing, you'll be good to go and you'll love the old girl once more.
  6. 4 Screw Dashpot SU Configuration

    My Z's run best at 17 degrees advance at 1000 rpm. Start the car up with the timing light and advance the timing until the engine runs the smoothest. Your problem may not be carbs at all......
  7. Why is Address Required?

    Mike....I'm with Careless.....why do we constantly have to change the website? Every time I get comfortable with the site, we change it. Why? I think it was the absolute best 4 changes ago........
  8. Stroker 3.1

    I don't have a clue.....I'll leave that up to Eiji. I think he wants me to run SK's (OER's). My friend Woody Staub runs SK's with air cleaners.....I'll check with him to see what he runs in his race car.
  9. Stroker 3.1

    I'll soon find out Mitch......hope you're right.
  10. Stroker 3.1

    You bet....and no matter how many Z engines I build, I'm always amazed when they come to life......can't wait to put this motor to task!
  11. Stroker 3.1

    IMG_3819.MOV IMG_3816.MOV IMG_3818.MOV
  12. Stroker 3.1

    Fired right up.....everything works perfect! The Excedy 240mm comp clutch is awesome.....put 20 miles on her, but it's raining, so It'll have to wait!
  13. P79 Head Stuck to Block, Please Help!

    I'm impressed.......it is a word!
  14. Stroker 3.1

    Jason.....I don't have a clue....I've never futzed with side draft carbs before....a totally new experience. I'll break it in with SU's then take it up north to my good friend Eiji......we'll install an electric fuel pump and some SK's (whatever he recommends)., then tune 'em! Then we'll head to Dinwiddie for a little head to head!!!!