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  1. Gillez260ZT

    Fuse link wire identification

    Thanks again Captain Obvious, that's exactly the info I was hoping to find. Do any of those 3 other wires go through the fuse box before going to the combination switch, ignition switch and ignition relay?
  2. Gillez260ZT

    Fuse link wire identification

    Captain Obvious, I do have a blue wire going to my alternator. It connects via a connector in which there is also a white wire with a red stripe. I have 2 wires going to my oil pressure sensor, one yellow with a dark stripe, the other black. This might be aftermarket because my oil pressure is displayed via an additional gauge rather than the factory one. Thanks for the link TAMO3, I'll take some time over the weekend to do some reading.
  3. Gillez260ZT

    Fuse link wire identification

    Thanks for your reply Captain Obvious. I'm glad the circuit up to the fuse links makes sense. I would very much like to know where each of the four W/R wires go after the fusible links.
  4. Gillez260ZT

    Fuse link wire identification

    Hi everyone, I own a Hybrid 260Z (with a 280ZX turbo powertrain) with some issues that I'm trying to clear up. I believe the electrical harnesses are a mix of 260Z, 280Z and maybe 280zx so I can't look in a service manual to figure things out (I do have all 3 manuals though). I need to understand what's going on, and I need some help with this. There are a few issues I want to resolve, so I'm taking a baby steps approach, a little at a time to avoid being discouraged by the whole thing. First step, replacing the fuse links with some Maxi fuses. I'm not sure the wires that were in the fuse link holders were fuse links, so I'm replacing them with something cleaner looking and newer. I've read up on a few posts online about such a replacement. From my understanding, the fuse links were fed by 4 white wires, while the white with a red striped wires go on to other circuits after the fusible links. The white wires have been replaced by a 4 gauge cable going from my + battery terminal to my starter, then feeding into my maxi fuse holder. I have the 4 white with a red stripe wires to connect. The first one splits into 2, with one wire seemingly going through the firewall toward the fuse panel on the passenger side. The other splits into 2 again, with one wire going to the alternator on a T-shaped connector and the other to the alternator output. Doest this make sense? The gauge seems awful small, especially for the alternator output. Thanks in advance for helping me figure things out, one wire at a time if necessary. Gilles Lajoie

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