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  1. polybius11

    What gauges to use?

    1972 240z My gauges are not working properly anymore, either due to wiring or due to calibration issues. What gauges do you recommend/use? Tried some $70 set from napa but it wouldn't fit right. I saw on thezstore.com they had some gauges but they were like $400 for fuel, temp, and oil pressure. I would prefer black or white faces and that they light up. Thanks guys.
  2. polybius11

    240z engine bay wiring help

    Alright so after a lot of looking around i found some diagrams someone else drew up, the wire colors match up for the most part. I'm gonna try to wire it up based on these, I'll update later this weekend whether it worked or not
  3. polybius11

    240z engine bay wiring help

    These are the connectors I'm talking about, I'll check the VIN when I get home but it is registered as a 72
  4. polybius11

    240z engine bay wiring help

    I have a 1972 240z, and the guy I bought it from got a viper security system and a beefy sound system wired in (very poorly might I add). I need to rewire a lot of the engine bay and the wiring diagrams available are not helping, a lot of wires are spliced and replaced that don't match up or are just taped off and lead nowhere. If anybody has a diagram of all the 10 pin connectors that are located underneath the passenger side of the dashboard it would help a lot, or if anybody has any self made diagrams that are at all related to engine bay wiring please post them, anything might help me out.

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